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Israeli customers purchased 24 tons of food container foil 3004 from Mingtai Aluminum
Order quantity:
8 tons
food container

Mingtai is a manufacturer of aluminum foil 3004 for food containers

At present, aluminum foil lunch box containers are widely used 3004 aluminum foil, with a thickness range of 0.03-0.1mm, mainly used for single-cavity lunch boxes. 3004 container foil has high strength, good formability in downstream processes, and is resistant to deformation compared to other grades of aluminum products. It attaches great importance to food safety and strictly implements national standards. On the basis of ensuring the low price of 8011 alloy, the aluminum foil lunch box produced with 3004 alloy also ensures the high strength of 3003 alloy, and the strength is higher than that of 3003 alloy.

Food container aluminum foil 3004

Inquiries from customers about food container aluminum foil 3004

I need to ask you about aluminum foil. We need Lubrcated foil, For aluminum containers. 3004, 8011, 8006, 530mm 55 micron; 330mm 60 micron; 411mm 65 micron; 670mm 55micron; 570mm 53 micron. Some items 15 ton, Some 10 tons, Some little less, Like 8 tons. Ashdod port

Food container aluminum foil 3004 price

If you would like to inquire about Food Container Aluminum Foil 3004, here is some product knowledge you need to provide a quote.

1.We produce about 150,00tons SRC foil, every month.

2. Single section container or several sections container?

3. Non-Lubricated or Lubricated?

4. Thickness, width and quantity.

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