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Hot-selling SGS 5182 Automotive Aluminum Sheet in Market
5182 Aluminum Sheet
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Automotive Aluminum

Hot-selling SGS 5182 Automotive Aluminum Sheet

Automotive lightweight is a hot topic in the automotive industry. Since 1999, the first audi volume production of all aluminum cars, aluminum alloy in the car application proportion has reached more than 45%! At present, the car's four doors and two covers, that is, the car's four doors, hood and trunk cover use the most is 5182 automotive aluminum sheet as raw material. And we all know, those cars exposed parts are easily damaged place, but 5182 aluminum sheet in the main alloy Mg content as high as 4% ~ 5%, having strong corrosion resistance, significantly impact resistance, and excellent anodic oxidation, so as to can effectively extend the car service life, has become the ideal material of the lightweight automobile manufacture, very popular with the market!


Here, the most noteworthy is that Mingtai 5182 aluminum sheet for automobile has obtained the ISO/TS16949: 2009 quality management system certification issued by the SGS certification agency! Reliable quality! Nowdays, according to the company's internal data statistics, Mingtai SGS 5182 automotive aluminum sheet in the total transaction record occupies a high proportion. And in the feedback of customer use, 5182 aluminum sheet in the car door, hood, wing subboard manufacturing has a good weldability, no deformation in processing, no cracking in stamping, and other advantages, has a very high yield rate!


In fact, Mingtai Al. is a large aluminum sheet manufacturer integrating R & D and production, with 23 years of production experience. Besides, Mingtai 5182 automotive aluminum sheet manufacturer direct sales, so 5182 aluminum sheet price more preferential! Here, Mingtai products can also be precisely customized according to the diverse needs of global users. The specification range is 0.15-600mm in thickness, 20-2650mm in width and 500-16000mm in length, and it can be made into boards or rolls with complete temper. If you are interested in our products, then don't hesitate to contact us! Come on!


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