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Jordan food container aluminum foil 44 tons 3004 aluminum foil
Order quantity:
8 tons
food containers

3004 Aluminum Foil for Aluminum Food Containers

Jordan food container aluminum foil. 3004 aluminum foil is the raw material and is punched by special equipment. This type of container is suitable for a variety of food processing applications. It can improve the freshness and shelf life of food without absorbing moisture or grease, and can be directly heated without harmful substances. 3004 aluminum foil, thickness range 0.03-0.1mm, mainly used for single cavity lunch box. 3004 container foil has high strength, good formability in downstream processes, and is resistant to deformation compared to other grades of aluminum products.

Customer demand

I need aluminum foil, Alloy (3003)H22, for food container, Thickness .060,.057,.072,.073, Width is vary, 1036 ,570,876,733, I need to know technically, one container, FOB CIF both.

In the end, the customer purchased 44 tons of 3004 aluminum foil for food containers.

Why choose 3004 over 3003 alloy?

1. Guarantees the characteristics of high strength, and the strength is higher than that of 3003 alloy. The reprocessing process has good formability, and compared with other alloy aluminum products, it has high strength and deformation resistance.

2. Non-toxic, non-adsorbing, not easy to break, can inhibit bacterial growth and can be cleaned with steam, 3004 aluminum alloy foil is used as food container material, which has the characteristics of safety and hygiene, green environmental protection, regeneration and energy saving, good sealing and so on. Advantages, can lead green consumption.

3. Many customers will ask, will the cost of 3004 aluminum foil increase? The answer is no, on the contrary, its price is competitive compared to 8011 aluminum foil and 3003 aluminum foil.

Choose Mingtai Aluminum's 3004 aluminum foil, the factory scale is strong, the production capacity is large, the delivery is fast, and the price is excellent, which can meet the needs of users.

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