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Traffic Construction 100 tons 5a03 Aluminum Sheet For Noise Barrier Wall
5A03 Aluminum Sheet
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8 tons
Noise Barrier Wall

5A03 Aluminum Sheet for Noise Barrier Wall

With the rapid development of global traffic road construction such as high-speed railway, urban light rail subway, expressway, elevated composite road, railway, etc., the demand for the noise barrier wall increases sharply. For the noise barrier wall, it is mainly composed of foundation, column and screen vertical plate. Among them, the screen vertical plate is the main component of noise barrier wall for noise reduction effect. Currently, aluminum alloy plate is often used. For example, 5A03 aluminum sheet, 5754 aluminum sheet is the main alloy material. For the 5A03 aluminum sheet for noise barrier wall has higher corrosion resistance and tensile strength than the traditional 5754 aluminum sheet, can be used in traffic environments with higher requirements for corrosion resistance, such as coastal cities that may face typhoon impact.


Recently, Mingtai 5A03 aluminum sheet for noise barrier wall successfully concluded the order contract of 100 tons ! This is a customer from a Railway Technology Transportation Facilities Co., ltd., who consults the price of 5A03 aluminum sheet used for high-speed railway sound barrier of the high-speed rail by calling the phone shown on the Mingtai website. And the specification is 1.5 * 610-750 (T * W), a total of 100 tons. Then, our e-commerce department quickly matched the most professional business manager to the customer as soon as they received the call. After the business manager re-connected the customer and quoted, the customer signed a 5A03 aluminum sheet for noise barrier wall purchase contract with us in the afternoon ! Now, Just today, we received another inquiry email from the aluminum alloy for the noise barrier wall !


In fact, Henan Mingtai Al. Industry Co., Ltd is a large-scale modern aluminum processing enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. Along with the continuous development and construction of global traffic roads, Mingtai Al. is also upgrading its products, creating products of higher quality such as 5A03 aluminum sheet for noise barrier wall, which will contribute to the construction of global traffic ! Here, Mingtai 5A03, 5754 aluminum sheet and other products have better corrosion resistance, better reflectance, sound insulation, weather resistance, no low temperature brittleness, anodic oxidation and economy, so as to maximize better use in noise barriers and reduce noise, extend service life !

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