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2A14 Aluminum Sheet

2A14 Aluminum Sheet
Model : 2A14
Thickness: 1.0-600mm
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

Brief introduction:

In terms of composition, 2A14 aluminum sheet contains Al, Cu, and Mg alloys. Due to the content of the main alloy Cu, it has high strength. Therefore, 2A14 aluminum belongs to both 2 series hard aluminum alloy and wrought aluminum alloy. In addition, 2A14 aluminum sheet is a heat treatment alloy, which has a significant effect of strengthening by heat treatment, and also has good machinability, weldability, extrusion effect, and high resistivity. At present, 2A14 aluminum sheet has been widely used in molds, precision parts, bridges, large frames, heavy forgings, thick plates and extruded materials, truck components, etc. Here, Mingtai 2A14 aluminum has excellent performance and provides original factory warranty, so we can rest assured to buy and use!

Applications and Features:

1. Squeezable. In the hot state, the plasticity is better. Besides, 2A14 aluminum sheet can be extruded into different products well, and it is widely used as extrusion material.

2. Weldability. The contact welding, spot welding, seam welding and roll welding of 2A14 aluminum sheet are very good, but it’s not suitable for arc welding and gas welding.

3.Corrosion Resistance. Similarly, the corrosion resistance of 2A14 aluminum is not high. In the artificial aging state, there will be phenomena of intergranular corrosion tendency and stress corrosion cracking tendency. However, the 2A14 aluminum sheet can also be coated with aluminum to enhance its corrosion resistance.

4.Mechanical Properties. 2A14 aluminum tensile strength σb (MPa) ≥440, elongation δ5 (%) ≥10

The Use of 2A14 Aluminum Sheet

Conventional Application

In general, 2A14 aluminum sheet is used in applications requiring high strength and hardness (including high temperature). For example, heavy forgings, thick plates and extruded materials, truck frame and suspension system parts, wheels and structural elements, truck components, bridges, large frames, large shells, car covers, auto parts, ships and other manufacturing fields.

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