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5052A aluminum sheet

Model : 5052A
Thickness: 0.2-8.0mm
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

Brief introduction:

The thickness range of 5052A aluminum sheet is 0.2-8.0mm, tensile strength: 210-240MPa, yield strength: 120-140MPa, elongation: 20%+, material corrosion resistance; good weldability and cold workability; at the same time, it has good formability, suitable for sheet metal processing such as stamping and bending; good anodizing performance, can be used for oxidation and coloring into various bright colors.

Applications and Features:

1.5052A aluminum sheet is part of the 5000 series aluminum. The grades in this series are alloyed with magnesium and have medium to high strength properties. 5052A aluminum grade is considered to have good weldability and corrosion resistance. The 5052A aluminum element also contains 0.25% chromium.

2.5052A aluminum sheet is a non-heat-treatable ordinary aluminum alloy, which means that if it needs to be strengthened, it needs to be cold-worked. Cold working is the rolling or forging of metal in order to make it stronger.

3. The overall metal strength is measured by combining yield strength and tensile strength. Yield strength is based on the strength of a metal shape, measuring the point at which it is permanently deformed. Tensile strength (also called ultimate strength) measures the ultimate tensile level of a metal. The strength of 5052 aluminum is also determined by tempering.

Usage of 5052A aluminum sheet

5052A aluminum sheet for ships

The materials 5052A aluminum sheets have good corrosion resistance, weldability, plasticity and certain tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, impact resistance and other properties, so it is one of the most used and best aluminum alloys on ships.

5052A aluminum sheet for fuel tank

Aluminum alloy fuel tanks are fuel tanks made of aluminum alloy plates such as 5052A aluminum sheet, and the commonly used thickness is 2.5mm 5052A aluminum-magnesium alloy.

5052A aluminum sheet for container

Container aluminum alloy sheets mainly use 5052A alloy, the temper is H32 or H34, and the common thicknesses are 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.27mm, 1.4m 1.6mm and 2.0mm. The widths are 1040mm, 1250mm, 2266mm, 2340mm and 2500mm. The above are only part of the application of 5052A aluminum sheet. If you want to know more about 5052A aluminum, please contact us.

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