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5052B aluminum plate

Model : 5052B
Thickness: 8.0-300mm
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

Brief introduction:

5052B is an alloy material that surpasses the traditional 5052. It can exist in the form of aluminum plate, aluminum strip, and aluminum coil. The thickness range of 5052B aluminum plate is 8.0-300mm. Tensile strength: 200MPa+, yield strength: 120-140MPa, elongation rate 16%+. 5052B aluminum plate has good deep processing properties such as milling, cutting, and engraving. It is suitable for mold manufacturing and the production of machined parts. It has excellent surface oxidation and coloring properties. 5052B is a green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly material with outstanding performance.

Applications and Features:

The degree of corrosion resistance of 5052B aluminum can withstand very well. Even in salt water, it is stronger than 1100 or 3003 aluminum;

Lightweight, semi-smooth surface with matt polished surface;

Machinability: Applicable to most processing technologies. High strength and good corrosion resistance. Not heat-treatable;

Compared with some other popular alloys, the yield strength and ultimate tensile strength of 5052B aluminum alloy is at a medium level;

The shear strength of 5052B aluminum plate is also in the middle level;

The performance of 5052B aluminum sheet is different due to cold working method or use of work hardening process.

Usage of 5052B aluminum plate

Common end uses for 5052B aluminum sheet include any other applications that require higher strength than 3003 series aluminum. Higher-strength sheet metal manufacturing, electrical appliances, ships, storage tanks, automobiles, ships, food services and medical equipment.

After 5052B aluminum plate is anodized, it is widely used in the decoration and corrosion prevention of modern architectural aluminum profiles.

5052B aluminum plate is suitable for manufacturing wheels that work under severe conditions. Because the wheels are stamped and formed from sheet materials, the materials are required to have good forming properties.

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