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5182 Aluminum Sheet

5182 Aluminum Sheet
Model : 5182
Thickness: 0.15-600mm
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

Brief introduction:

5182 aluminum sheet belongs to Al-Mg alloy, which is also a 5 series rustproof aluminum plate, and its main component Mg content is up to 4%~5%. Therefore, 5182 aluminum sheet has a strong corrosion resistance. In addition, a small amount of Si is added to improve its weldability, which can adapt to gas welding, argon arc welding, spot welding and other welding methods. Besides, 5182 aluminum plate also has excellent forming-processability, which makes it widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, construction and industry, making it the most promising alloy!

Applications and Features:

1. Strong Corrosion Resistance. Similarly, the surface of 5182 aluminum sheet can form a dense oxide film, which plays a good role in rust prevention, acid resistance, alkali resistance.

2. Strong Weather Resistance. The 5182 aluminum sheet used for automobile body or building exterior wall is sprayed with special paint or PVDF fluorocarbon paint. The service life up to 25 years and the color will not fade..

3. High Plasticity. 5182 aluminum plate has good forming and processing performance, which can be well adapted to milling, boring, planing and other mechanical processing at the maximum speed that can be achieved by most machine tools.

4. Mechanical Properties. 5182 aluminum sheet tensile strength σb(MPa)≥175, conditional yield strength σ0.2(MPa)≥80, elongation δ5(%)≥15.

The Use of 5182 Aluminum Sheet

1. Automobile Parts Manufacturing

5182 aluminum sheet is widely used in the manufacture of car door, hood, front, rear wing subboard and other parts. Its quality of a material is light, stamping effect is very good, thus for the present lightweight development to create a unique shape, energy saving and environmental protection, the fastest speed of the car!

2. Other USES

In addition, 5182 aluminum plate is also used for plasticity and welding requirements are high conditions. Or low - load parts that work in a liquid or gaseous medium. For example, oil tanks, lubricating oil ducts, various liquid containers and other low-load parts made by deep drawing.

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