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6005A Aluminum Sheet

Model : 6005A
Thickness: 0.5-500mm
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

Brief introduction:

6005A aluminum sheet is a versatile alloy that can be used for various applications. As a medium-strength aluminum alloy, the mechanical properties of 6005A-T61 temper are similar to 6061-T6, 6005-T5, and 6105-T5. Due to the different manganese and chromium content, 6005A and 6005 aluminum sheet should not be confused. 6005A provides good corrosion resistance and finishing properties for anodizing or painting.

Applications and Features:

The addition of trace Cu in the 6005A aluminum sheet strengthens the solid solution matrix. Trace Cr and Mn exist in the form of Al, Cr and Al, Mn in the alloy. These aluminides inhibit the recrystallization of the alloy during hot working. This is the main reason for the improvement of mechanical properties of 6005A alloy.

1. It can be heat treated and has excellent corrosion resistance. Sometimes it can be used interchangeably with 6061 aluminum sheet.

2. 6005A aluminum sheet has better extrusion characteristics and surface finish of the mill.

3. The tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of 6005A aluminum sheet are higher than 6005 aluminum sheet under the same aging process conditions.

The Use of 6005A Aluminum Sheet

6005A is usually used in complex extrusion. E.g:

Furniture tube

Truck, trailer, automotive, bus, and rail components;

Towers, platforms and pipelines;

Portable ladder;

Building and construction applications;

Marine applications;

Parts with greater strength than 6060 aluminum sheet and 6063 aluminum sheet are required.

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