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Greece aluminium coil producer


Greece aluminium coil producer introduces aluminium coil

Aluminium coil refers to rolled aluminum products. Because iron sheet does not have the effect of rust prevention, aluminum coils at home and abroad have replaced iron sheet. 2mm aluminium coil, 3mm aluminium coil, 4mm are the common thickness specifications of Greece aluminium coil producer, and several aluminum coils of several thicknesses are also used, and aluminum coils of different brands can be rolled into 2mm/3mm/4mm by rolling mills. Thickness. Such as 1060 aluminum coil, 1070 aluminum coil, 3003 aluminum coil, 5052 aluminum coil, 5754 aluminum coil, 6061 aluminum coil, etc., can be processed to the above thickness.

Greece aluminium coil producer

Greece aluminium coil producer about the price

Aluminum coil price composition: There are no more than two factors that are closely related to the final quotation, the price of aluminum ingots and the specific processing fees given by the manufacturer. The price of aluminum ingots depends on the price of aluminum ingots on the day. The price of aluminum ingots varies from day to day but the degree of fluctuation cannot be determined. The specific processing and transportation costs given by the manufacturer can be used to obtain the aluminum coil price.

For example, the price of aluminum ingot is about 14,000 yuan/ton, and the processing fee is 2000/ton=16,000 yuan/ton.

In addition, product alloy grades, length and width requirements, material conditions, and processing fees will be affected by various factors. Consult the manufacturer more. Click "24hrs online" on the right to get the latest aluminum coil quotation information!

aluminum coil manufacturer

Greece aluminium coil producer product specifications

Mingtai, Greece aluminium coil producer, aluminum coil manufacturer. The width can be 100-2600mm, and the length can be 500-16000. It can be made into plate and coil. Aluminum coils are divided into pure aluminum coils, alloy aluminum coils, thin aluminum coils, medium-thick aluminum coils, and patterned aluminum coils.

aluminum coil producer

Why choose Greece aluminium coil producer

The aluminium coil is hard to rust. The major reason why enterprises abandon iron and use aluminum is because aluminum coils will not rust when exposed to water. Iron sheet and zinc sheet are easy to rust. When exposed to the natural environment, long-term wind and sun will quickly rust and weather; while aluminum coil does not rust when exposed to water, and the service life is much longer than that of iron sheet and zinc sheet.

The aluminium coil is more beautiful. Aluminum is a silver-white metal that can be processed to have a very high finish and is very beautiful. Aluminum has a bright silver-white metallic luster, even worse after processing. Aluminum coils are used for thermal insulation construction. After the completion of the project, the style is uniform and beautiful, which is a beautiful landscape.

The life of the aluminium coil is long. Iron sheet and zinc sheet are susceptible to rust, they will gradually corrode and peel off after several years of use. Enterprises must re-construct every few years; while the service life of aluminum coil is much higher than that of iron sheet, enterprises often only need to do it once. Construction does not require frequent replacement of materials.

The aluminium coil can maintain its value. After the iron sheet and zinc sheet are used, they are already rusted and corroded, and the recycling price is not high. It may be a few tenths of the original purchase, and there is no recycling value after rust; and the recyclability of aluminum is very strong, even if it is used After more than ten years, the recycling price of aluminum scrap will not be very low, which can reach more than half of the spot aluminum coil, which has a strong function of value preservation.

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