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Aluminum bus bar
Aluminum bus bar

The aluminum bus bar can also be called the aluminum bar for graphite anode material conduction.

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A brief introduction to aluminum bus bars

The aluminum bus bar can also be called the aluminum bar for graphite anode material conduction. The function of thealuminum bus bar is to provide high-power current for the production of graphite. At present, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China are growing rapidly, and the demand for new energy batteries also increases, driving the demand for graphite to grow sharply. Many graphite-related enterprises are rapidly expanding production, and the demand foraluminum bus bars is also rising.

Parameters of aluminum plate foraluminum bus bar

The alloy grades of aluminum for aluminum bus bars are mainly 1060 and 1070. Because the aluminum content of the 1-series aluminum plate is relatively high and the resistivity is low, the aluminum used for electrical conductivity is generally 1-series. Thickness from 3mm to 400mm, width from 150mm to 2500mm, length from 400-15000mm.

aluminum bus bar

Types of aluminum plates foraluminum bus bars

Negative horizontalaluminum bus bar

Aluminium busbar on negative pole

Rectifier chamber negative confluencealuminum bus bar

Negative through-wallaluminum bus bar

Positive horizontalaluminum bus bar

Aluminium busbar on the positive pole of the rectifier

Anode busbar of rectifier chamber

Workshop butt aluminum laminations

Workshop T-welded aluminum laminations

Zero-phase bus aluminum laminations

branch lamination

(Remarks: can be drilled)

Aluminum plate manufacturers foraluminum bus bars

Although 1000 series aluminum is a common material, there are not many aluminum plate manufacturers with such production capacity. After all, it needs to meet the various needs of customers for thickness and width. The aluminum plate foraluminum bus bar is already one of the mature products of Mingtai Aluminum, and customer feedback, the use effect is also satisfactory. If your project requires aluminum plate foraluminum bus bar, please consult us.

Aluminum bus bar Field
Which Type Of Aluminum Alloy Apply To This Industry?
1070 Thickness: 0.1-500
Model: 1070
1060 Thickness: 0.1-500
Model: 1060
1050 Thickness: 0.1-500
Model: 1050
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