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Food Grade Aluminium Foil
Food Grade Aluminium Foil

Food grade aluminium foil is widely used, including 3003/3004/5052/8011 aluminum foil for lunch box material, 1235/1100/1070/1060 household foil, 1,3,8 series aluminum alloy foil for food aluminum foil bags, etc.

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Through practical experience, aluminium foil has the characteristics of non-toxic, sterile, light-shielding, good air tightness, excellent ductility, and high recovery rate,etc. In addition, through different processing techniques, the manufactured food grade aluminium foil can fully meet the requirements of various food packaging. For example, the popular disposable lunch boxes, favorite BBQ household foils, tart cups, yogurt lids, and other delicious packaging are all made of food grade aluminium foil! It is not difficult to know that food packaging aluminium foil greatly facilitates our lives, and retains the best taste of food! Here, the most noteworthy is that Mingtai food grade aluminium foil has obtained the FDA and SGS certification! And we can rest assured to purchase and use!

For Disposable Lunch Boxes and Containers

Common grade alloys are 1100/3003/3004/5052/8011/8006/8079 food grade aluminium foil. Among them, 3003 aluminium foil has higher tensile strength and elongation than 1100 and 8011 alloy foil, which can better meet the production needs of lunch boxes and containers with three cavities, multiple cavities or complex shapes. The yield rate is over 95%! In addition, 8079/8006 aluminum foil is a special raw material for aerospace non-wrinkle lunch box containers. It has a higher cup convexity, and the edges of the stamped disposable lunch boxes have no wrinkles, the appearance is high-grade and beautiful.

Household Foil

Common grade alloys are 1235/1100/1070/1060 food grade aluminium foil, which has great demand, and is widely used in BBQ, egg tarts, bread and other disposable food packages. Due to the low production cost of these food packaging aluminium foils, it is very suitable for mass production of disposable food packages.

Food Grade Aluminium Foil for Yogurt Lid

Food grade aluminium foil is used as the material of the middle layer of the yogurt lid. The commonly used alloy is 8011 aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.038-0.048mm, and O temper. Because 8011 aluminum foil for yogurt lid contains Mn and Mg elements, it has strong acid resistance, which effectively guarantees the perfect taste of yogurt, jelly, milk tea and other fruit acids! Besides, for the yogurt lid foil with higher elongation requirements, 8021 and 8079 aluminum foil can be used.

Food Aluminum Foil Bag

Beef, cooked meat, sausage, nuts, chocolate beans and other delicious food aluminum foil bags, mainly using 1060, 1100, 3003, 8011, 8021 food grade aluminium foil, commonly used temper status includes h14, h16 and h18.

Technical Parameters of Mingtai Food Grade Aluminium Foil

1 series

1235、1060、1050、1100 aluminum foil

3 series


8 series

8011、8021、8079 aluminum foil

Material temper

O、H14、H16、H18、H19、H24 etc.





Food Grade Aluminium Foil Field
Eggs Tart Cup Aluminum Foil 1.jpg
Eggs Tart Cup Aluminum Foil 1.jpg
Lunch Boxes Material 2.jpg
Lunch Boxes Material 2.jpg
Household Foil 3.jpg
Household Foil 3.jpg
Food  Grade Household Aluminum Foil 4.jpg
Food Grade Household Aluminum Foil 4.jpg
Food Grade Aluminum Foil Bags 5.jpg
Food Grade Aluminum Foil Bags 5.jpg
Which Type Of Aluminum Alloy Apply To This Industry?
3004 aluminum foil
3004 aluminum foil Thickness: 0.014-0.2
Model: 3004
1235 aluminum foil
1235 aluminum foil Thickness: 0.014-0.2
Model: 1235
1060 aluminum foil
1060 aluminum foil Thickness: 0.014-0.2
Model: 1060
8011 aluminum foil
8011 aluminum foil Thickness: 0.014-0.2
Model: 8011
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