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1/3/5/6 Series Aluminium 5 Bar Tread Plate Price


Aluminium 5 bar tread plate is everywhere in our lives. For example, subway entrance and carriage, restaurant/gym wainscot, spiral staircase, dock plate, etc. 5 bar aluminum checker plate not only has unique and beautiful stripes. Most importantly, these stripes greatly increase its skid resistance, so that we can safely be used in any occasion!

Aluminium 5 Bar Tread Plate

As the name implies, aluminium 5 bar tread plate is an aluminum plate with 5 thin stripes on the surface. You don't want to look down on these groups of five tiny stripes, but they all have a 60°-80° angle between them according to the theory of mechanics, and they are each arranged in a staggered pattern on the aluminum plate surface, thus increasing the surface contact friction. So, aluminium 5 bar tread plate is more non-slippery than diamond, two bar, three bar and compass tread plate,  which is also called non-slip aluminum plate! Aluminium 5 bar tread plate is therefore the best application for high-altitude work stairs, dock plate, observation deck, station, school cafeteria, etc., where safety requirements are high or people are crowded.

1/3/5/6 Series Aluminium 5 Bar Tread Plate Alloy

1 series aluminium 5 bar tread plate: also known as pure aluminum tread plate, it shows the characteristics of general aluminum plate, has the price advantage, and is very suitable for large area of cold storage, warehouse floor, etc.

3 series 5 bar aluminum checker plate: also known as Al-Mn alloy tread plate, the strength is higher than that of 1 series tread plate, with certain anti-rust performance, hardness and corrosion resistance, its comprehensive cost-effective! Representative alloy is 3003 aluminium checker plate

5 series aluminium 5 bar tread plate: it is Al-Mg alloy series tread plate. And the representative grades are 5052 and 5083. The 5 series 5 bar aluminum checker plate has the best corrosion resistance and rust resistance, with strong load-bearing capacity, which can meet the requirements of high applications.

6 series aluminium 5 bar tread plate: it is Al-Mg-Si tread plate. Due to the addition of component Si on the basis of the 5 series tread plate, it has a higher strength. Representative alloy is 6061 5 bar aluminum checker plate

Specification of Mingtai Aluminium 5 Bar Tread Plate




Thickness (mm)























FO, T4, T6, T651H112




Mingtai Aluminium 5 Bar Tread Plate Price

Henan Mingtai Al. Industry Co.,Ltd is a large modern aluminium 5 bar tread plate manufacturer integrating scientific research, processing and manufacturing, which can be customized for global customers. Due to different specifications and quatity, the 5 bar aluminum checker plate price is also different. Therefore, if you need to obtain aluminium 5 bar tread plate price, do not hesitate to send an email or click on the right side of the online customer service, tell us the specifications and quatity you need. We will provide you with the most satisfactory prices and purchase plan! Hurry up!

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