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1/4 aluminum diamond plate


1/4 aluminum diamond plate

1/4 aluminum diamond plate is a kind of aluminum diamond plate, but the thickness is limited, the thickness is 1/4 inch. Aluminum diamond plate is a kind of aluminum plate, which is actually rolled from aluminum ingots, and is generally rectangular. There are many types of aluminum plates. For example, according to the material, it can be divided into pure aluminum plate and aluminum alloy plate; according to the thickness of the aluminum plate, it can be divided into thin aluminum plate, medium-thick aluminum plate, thick aluminum plate, aluminium checker plate, etc. Among them aluminium checker plate refers to the kind of aluminum plate with texture on the surface.

1/4 aluminum diamond plate

Specific application of 1/4 aluminum diamond plate


Features and advantages: Realize lightweight transportation, aluminum alloy steps, and the best material for vehicle steps. Increase energy saving effect.

Application: Floors, such as the aisle floor of vans, the steps of buses or trucks, the interior floors of trains, tank cars, and automobile cold storage.


Features and advantages: Some aluminum alloy materials, especially 5000 series alloys, have a high degree of corrosion resistance. It can be used for many years without further processing such as painting.

Application: Corridor, bridge cover, floor, staircase, ship cabin, deck, fish tank, gangway.

14 aluminum diamond plate weight


Features and advantages: Due to corrosion resistance, it has been used for step corners for many years. There are also some shopping and tourist attractions that require aesthetics.

Application: floors, stairs, shelves, etc.


Features and advantages: harmless, it is also suitable for facilities and chemical plants and food plants, with excellent chemical resistance.

Application: Workbench floor and stairs, equipment/factory machinery.


Features and advantages: Because it has many excellent features. Not only as a basic material, but also used for watch cases and decorations.

Application: such as deck stairs, ladders, showcases, temporary scaffolding, marine structures, etc.

14 gauge aluminum diamond plate

Advantages of 1/4 aluminum diamond plate

1/4 aluminum diamond plate is non-slip and wear-resistant. The raised diamond pattern provides traction, making this material a popular choice for many applications that require excellent anti-slip properties.

preservative. Many alloys have excellent corrosion resistance, especially 5000 series alloys, which are known for their corrosion resistance. Expanded the application range of 1/4 aluminum diamond plate.

Diamond plates are easy to clean and can withstand harsh chemicals and cleaning products. This is one of the reasons why diamond plates are used in refrigerators, industrial kitchens and bathrooms.

attractive. This type of aluminum is aesthetically pleasing and can be used for items with more decorative purposes, with various raised patterns and finishes.

If you have other questions about 1/4 aluminum diamond plate, please consult us.

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