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1100 0 aluminum sheet


1100 0 aluminum sheet

1100 0 aluminum sheet belongs to series 1 pure aluminum sheet, with an aluminum content (mass fraction) of 99.00%. Although it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, the elongation, workability, conductivity, formability, etc. are all good. Like copper, it is a good industrial aluminum, but the price of copper is higher. If there is a reason to use 1100 aluminum sheet, it is the price. Its price has a great advantage over other series of alloy aluminum sheets. In the same applicable occasions, the use of 1 series aluminum sheet can save a lot of cost.

1100 0 aluminum sheet

1100 0 aluminum sheet for curtain wall

The curtain wall aluminum plate is 1100 aluminum sheet, the common thickness is 2.5 mm and 3 mm.

The advantages of curtain wall aluminum panels:

1. The characteristics of weight, rigidity, strength and structure are all very good. Resistance to wind pressure deformation, resistance to rainwater leakage and air leakage, and anti-seismic performance can meet the structural design requirements;

2. Good processing performance. It can be processed into various complex shapes such as plane, arc, spherical, etc., to meet various modeling design requirements;

3. It can be recycled and recycled, which is good for environmental protection.

1100 0 aluminum sheet price

1100 0 aluminum sheet for aluminum composite panel

1100 0 aluminum sheet can be used for aluminum composite panel. Aluminum alloy sheet is one of the materials that make up the aluminum composite panel. Aluminum composite panels are mainly used in building exterior walls. It is an embossed aluminum sheet. There are many types of aluminum alloy sheets. The raw materials of aluminum sheet for aluminum composite panel can be 110 0 aluminum sheet, 1050 aluminum sheet, 1060 alloy aluminum, 3003 aluminum sheet, 3005 aluminum sheet, 5005 aluminum sheet and so on.

Factors affecting the price of 1100 0 aluminum sheet

The first is the uncontrollable factor aluminum ingot price. The price of aluminum ingots fluctuates every day, and we cannot predict it in advance. It is recommended that you pay attention to the price of aluminum ingots in the most recent period to see if it is within the acceptable range before preparing to buy aluminum flakes.

The second is the product-related factors. You need to know clearly the alloy you want to buy (or end-use), is there any tempering requirement? Please also tell us the thickness, width, length and your dosage. With this information, the time to calculate prices can be accelerated.

1100 0 aluminum sheet manufacturer

How to choose a 1100 0 aluminum sheet manufacturer?

Knowing several factors that affect the price of 1100 0 aluminum sheet, how to choose a 1100 aluminum sheet manufacturer? Here is a recommendation for you Henan Mingtai Aluminum. Mingtai Aluminum 1100 aluminum sheet is produced in accordance with the standard, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the product. We adopt a direct sales method, eliminating the need for intermediate links, and users can directly negotiate with manufacturers and enjoy preferential prices given by our manufacturers.

The 1100 aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai Aluminum has a flat pattern, no black lines, bright spots, ruffles and other phenomena, and neat trimming, which can create higher economic value for users and is worthy of your choice.

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