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125 aluminum plate


125 aluminum plate

125 aluminum plate, actually 1/4 aluminum plate, represents a series of aluminum plates with a thickness of 1/4 inch. The storage range of various forms of aluminum ranges from specification 1060 to specification 7075. Aluminum alloy series include 1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX, 7xxx. The thickness is 0.2500mm, the width is 1002650mm, and the length is 50016000mm. There are many kinds of aluminum and aluminum alloy plates, aluminum strips, aluminum checker plates. Aluminum and aluminum alloy processing materials are widely used in various industries such as decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, and electronics. Aluminum strip has a wide range of applications and has applications in all walks of life. 6061 alloy is one of the commonly used alloys. In addition to knowing these alloys, we also need to know the cleaning methods and maintenance methods of aluminum plates.

125 aluminum plate

6061 125 aluminum plate

The 6061 series are heat-treatable sheets with many application fields. Specifications: thickness 0.3-500mm, width: 100-2650mm.

Product advantages: It can be tempered to T6 through heat treatment, the hardness can reach above 90HB, and the hardness is higher. But what needs attention is the angle of bending under T6 temper. Good cutting performance, suitable for milling machine processing and welding processing.

In the production process, especially the heat treatment process, the problem of internal pores should be paid attention to. The internal pores of 6061 aluminum plate are usually caused by too high heat treatment temperature or too long holding time, and also related to the diffusion of hydrogen element. According to professional terminology, this is called high temperature oxidation. Time must be strictly controlled during heat treatment of 6061 products.

125 thick aluminum plate

6061 125 aluminum plate has many characteristics

High-strength heat-treatable alloy; good mechanical properties; good workability; easy to process, good wear resistance; good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

how thick is .125 aluminum

125 aluminum plate cleaning methods

The dust on the 125 aluminum plate can be as bright as new by just rubbing it lightly with a cloth. If there is glue on the surface of the aluminum plate, for example, some labels will remain glue after being torn off. Don't use a knife or other sharp tools to scrape it. If you can be sure that the product you are using is of better material, you can use a normal eraser to remove it. If the material is poor, using an eraser will damage the surface of the aluminum plate. At this time, you can blow the glue with the hot air of a hair dryer for a while, and then you can easily wipe off the stolen goods with a cloth.

There is also a special situation that after welding, the surface of the aluminum plate will leave a layer of dirt that is similar to burnt-out. At this time, ordinary cleaning methods are difficult to achieve the cleaning effect. At this time, you need to sprinkle some dry flour on the dirty area and wipe gently.

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