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1 8 in aluminum sheet


1 8 in aluminum sheet

1 8 in aluminum sheet, a commonly used aluminum sheet thickness specification. It represents all aluminum sheets with a thickness of 18 inches, which can also be called .125 aluminum sheets. We can custom produce 1 8 in aluminum sheet, you can choose the right alloy, width and length. Please note that we are also one of the few manufacturers in China that can produce ultra-wide aluminum sheets.

1 8 in aluminum sheet

1 8 in aluminum sheet application

1 8 in aluminum sheet does not impose restrictions on aluminum sheet alloys. The more commonly used alloys are 1060, 3003, 5052, 6061, etc. These aluminum sheets involve many application fields, here are some of them.

1 8 in aluminum sheet is widely used in various industries such as decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics and so on.

Aluminum materials for transportation are mainly embodied in the body structure materials of automobiles, subways, railway passenger cars, and high-speed passenger cars; car doors and windows, shelves, automobile engine parts, air conditioners, radiators, body panels, wheel hubs and naval materials.

Aluminum materials for packaging. Mainly the material of all-aluminum cans, aluminum alloy sheets will be used.

Aluminum materials for printing. The aluminum for printing is a PS plate. The raw material of the aluminum-based PS plate can be said to be a new type of material in the printing industry, which is indispensable for automatic plate making and printing.

1 8 in aluminum sheet price

1 8 in aluminum sheet price

The processing cost of the aluminum sheet should be determined by the thickness, width, length, alloy, tempering, and surface treatment. Another key factor is the price of aluminum ingots, which is generally based on the spot aluminum ingot price of the Yangtze River on the day of shipment. 1 8 in aluminum sheet only indicates the thickness, and lacks the other factors mentioned above. On the other hand, aluminum sheets with the same specifications, if not the same alloy, have different prices. Pure aluminum sheet is cheaper than alloy green sheet. However, we can give you a quotation for your reference, click on the online consultation on the right, enter your specific needs, and you can get a specific quotation.

1 8 in aluminum sheet diamond plate

1 8 in aluminum sheet manufacturer recommendation-Mingtai Aluminum

If you want to buy more high-quality 18 in aluminum sheet, the choice of aluminum sheet manufacturers is very important. We recommend Henan Mingtai Aluminum for the following reasons:

1. Mingtai Aluminum is a strong aluminum sheet manufacturer in the industry. We have enough strength and ability to create high-quality aluminum sheet products for you.

2. We can provide you with all-round, high-quality and professional services, especially in terms of after-sales service. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. has been unanimously recognized and favored by users.

3. 1 8 in aluminum sheet manufacturers have a high reputation, which can be fully reflected in the sales of aluminum sheet products, so our 1/8 aluminum sheet is more popular.

In addition to 1/8 aluminum sheet, our company also produces 1 4 inch aluminum sheet, 3/16 aluminum sheet, 1 16 aluminum sheet, 1/2 inch aluminum plate. If necessary, you are welcome to come to our company for inspection, consultation, and order Alloy aluminum sheet products!

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