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1 8 inch aluminum diamond plate

1 8 inch aluminum diamond plate is an aluminum diamond plate with a size of 1 8 inch, which is also a common thickness specification. With the progress and development of life, more and more aluminum plates are used in our lives, bringing convenience to our lives. Aluminum diamond plate is one type of aluminium checker plate. According to different embossing rolls, different patterns can be produced, including orange peel embossing, spherical embossing, and 5bar aluminum alloy embossing board. Each pattern has its own characteristics and its corresponding suitable application fields.

1 8 inch aluminum diamond plate

Orange peel 1 8 inch aluminum diamond plate

There is more than one type of orange peel aluminium checker plate, there are classic shapes and updated shapes. The shape of the pattern on the surface is like an orange peel surface, which is also the origin of its name. This pattern is also non-slip, beautiful in appearance and high in strength. It can be used for building (ground) platform design, etc., but its classic application is in home appliances, especially refrigerators and air conditioners. In addition, it can also be used in the packaging field.

5 bar 1 8 inch aluminum diamond plate

5 bar aluminium checker plate, in fact, its shape is more like a willow leaf. The comparison shows that its anti-slip ability is particularly outstanding, and the price is also appropriate. 5 bar 1 8 inch aluminum diamond plate is one of the mature products of Mingtai Aluminum. Can be customized to produce 1xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx series, 6xxx series and other alloy types. It can be used on floors such as vehicles and ships. The customer is satisfied with the quality of the product.

18 aluminum diamond plate weight

Where can I buy 1 8 inch aluminum diamond plate?

If you want to buy an affordable 1 8 inch aluminum diamond plate, take Henan Mingtai Aluminum, a large direct-selling manufacturer, as an example. Mingtai has its own production and processing workshops, processing equipment, and a professional technical R&D team with strong strength. We are available from stock. If you are not sure whether we have the stock of the product you need, you can directly consult us. It can also be customized on demand. Products are shipped directly from the factory, providing users with more direct and efficient procurement services.

how much does 1/8 aluminum diamond plate

Mingtai 1 8 inch aluminum diamond plate

Mingtai Aluminum has always been adhering to the concept of improving quality and service first. Provide users with practical and thoughtful services. Bringing more intuitive economic benefits to users is also what we have been doing. Therefore, customers can rest assured to buy our products, and we will recommend and design product specifications that better meet your needs. You are welcome to consult us at any time. Our products are not only 1 8 inch aluminum diamond plate, but also many more. If you want to know more about Mingtai Aluminum Products, you can choose online consultation or other contact methods, and a professional technical manager will serve you!

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