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1 8th inch aluminum plate


1 8th inch aluminum plate

1 8th inch aluminum plate is a common thickness of aluminum plate, and many customers who have bought aluminum plate are familiar with it. Here is an introduction to the 1 8th inch aluminum plate from the perspective of aluminum plate manufacturers. As an aluminum plate manufacturer, our 18th inch aluminum plate includes bare aluminum plate and aluminium checker plate.

1 8th inch aluminum plate

Production of 1 8th inch aluminum plate

The production of 1 8th inch aluminum plate is related to its quality. There are many factors that affect the processing quality of the 18th inch aluminum plate, not only related to the quality of the material and the level of processing technology, but also related to the processing methods of the aluminum plate manufacturers.

How does the factory improve the quality of the 18th inch aluminum plate?

A. Standardized operation is a powerful guarantee for improving yield.

B. Full work enthusiasm of employees is the main factor to increase production and stability.

C. Team with strong business technology

D. A reasonable production plan is the main element for aluminum sheet manufacturers to improve the yield rate. Excellent kneading and organization capabilities can complete the production plan, ensure more goods on time, and increase the yield rate.

The above is how aluminum plate manufacturers improve product quality. As long as these aspects are done well, the quality of products such as 18th inch aluminum plate can be improved.

1 8th inch aluminum plate Mexico

Possible defects of 1 8th inch aluminum plate

There are many reasons for these shortcomings: equipment failure, violation of operating procedures, improper adjustment of technical parameters, unskilled operators, etc. In the production process, there are some common quality defects. Mainly, there are many pinholes, excessive thickness, poor flatness, various broken belts, etc. Reducing these defects is of great significance to improving the quality of materials.

How to prevent oxidation of 1 8th inch aluminum plate?

1) Allow the aluminum plate and aluminum coil to cool naturally before packaging.

2) Fans can be used to cool aluminum plates and aluminum coils.

3) When packaging, aluminum plates and aluminum coils are packaged with plastic plates first, and then cardboard.

4) Cover the tarpaulin during cargo transportation.

5) In an outdoor environment, put more desiccant in the package. Place the aluminum plate and aluminum coil in a relatively dry environment as much as possible.

1 8th inch aluminum plate Malaysia

Where can I buy 1 8th inch aluminum plate?

In order to better meet the needs of users, Mingtai can achieve precise customized production of 18th inch aluminum plate through the use of advanced production equipment and strict control. Mingtai Aluminum is a high-quality aluminum sheet manufacturer with a history of 24 years. For many years, it has always put users first. In order to provide customers with high-quality aluminum sheet, strip and foil products, Mingtai Aluminum has introduced advanced equipment, combined with domestic and foreign technology, carefully screened raw materials, strictly controlled the production process, and ensured high product quality. The 18th inch aluminum plate produced by our company is light in weight, high in strength, corrosion resistant, and good in processing performance. It meets various design requirements and has a more reasonable price.

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