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1 inch aluminum plate grade


1 inch aluminum plate grade

1 inch aluminum plate means an aluminum plate with a thickness of one inch. The same to 1/8 aluminum sheet, there are many grades of this type of aluminum plate. The grade of aluminum is due to the alloy components added to it. These alloys can include metals such as copper, silicon, manganese, and zinc, but not only these metals. They are usually mixed with aluminum in different proportions, so there are many alloys in the same series of aluminum.

1 inch aluminum plate

1100 1 inch aluminum plate

1100 alloys are not true alloys because they are pure commercial aluminum with an aluminum content of at least 99%. They are very suitable for use as chemical/electrical materials and have excellent corrosion resistance and workability. The material is soft and malleable, and makes it suitable for hard forming applications. Welding can be done by any method, but heat treatment is not possible. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is widely used in chemical and food processing fields.

3003 1 inch aluminum plate

3003 alloy uses silicon, copper and magnesium as the main alloying elements, and usually nickel and beryllium are also added. They are heat-treatable, which has improved strength compared to other non-heat-treatable alloys (such as the 1xxx series). It has high strength, good crack resistance and abrasion resistance, and good machinability. Common applications for 3003 include building materials, chemical equipment, trucks and trailers, gasoline drums and cabinets.

1 inch aluminum plate weight

4017 1 inch aluminum plate

4017 alloy uses silicon as an alloying element and is not heat-treatable. Has good welding characteristics, strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The oxide finish of alloy 4017 is aesthetically pleasing and is often used in architectural applications. Aluminum alloy 4017 is a popular type of 4xxx alloy grade. It can withstand higher temperatures than other aluminum alloys, which means it performs better in automotive and aerospace applications. It may also appear in window frames, sealed joints, welded filler wires and enclosures.

how to cut 1 inch aluminum plate

5052 1 inch aluminum plate

5052 aluminum, non-heat-treated grade, has the highest strength among them. Its fatigue resistance is better than most grades of aluminum. It comes from the 5xxx series of aluminum alloys, and you can also understand it as an aluminum alloy with magnesium as the main alloying element. Since its composition does not contain copper, its corrosion resistance is better than other alloys. Pressure vessels, marine equipment, electronic enclosures, electronic chassis, hydraulic hoses, medical equipment, aluminum licenses are all common applications of 5052 aluminum alloy.

6061 1 inch aluminum plate

The composition of 6061 aluminum alloy is 97.9% Al, 0.6% Si, 1.0% Mg, 0.2% Cr and 0.28% Cu. The density of 6061 aluminum is 2.7 g/cm 3. 6061 aluminum alloy is heat-treatable, easy to form, weldable, and has good corrosion resistance. Especially suitable for construction, structure and motor vehicle applications, as well as marine parts, aircraft and truck frames, chemical equipment, electronic parts, furniture, heat exchangers, etc.

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