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1 thick aluminum plate


1 thick aluminum plate

The 1 in 1 thick aluminum plate is the same as 1/8 in 1/8 aluminum sheet, and both represent the thickness of the aluminum sheet. 1 thick aluminum plate means that the thickness of the aluminum plate is 1 inch. There is no restriction on the alloy of aluminum plate, it can represent various alloys from 1000 series to 7000 series (8000 series are generally in the state of aluminum foil). What are the commonly used 1 thick aluminum plate alloys? How to distinguish the quality of 1 thick aluminum plate? 1 Is the price of thick aluminum plate the same? The following are the answers to these questions.

1 thick aluminum plate

Commonly used 1 thick aluminum plate alloy

Represents alloy 1060. The main component of this type of aluminum plate is aluminum, which reaches more than 99%.

All alloys in the 3000 series use manganese as the main alloying element. The manganese content is between 2-5%. The representative alloy 3003 aluminum plate of 3000 series has certain anti-rust performance. If compared with 5000 series and 6000 series alloys, the price of 3003 aluminum plate is very advantageous.

5052 alloy is currently the most commonly used alloy. The advantages are light specific gravity, high tensile strength, good deformation resistance and good extensibility. The main alloying element is magnesium, which has excellent properties of magnesium. It can also further improve the advantages of chemistry, here refers to good anodizing performance.

The 6000 series is a combination of 4000 and 5000. The main alloying elements include silicon and magnesium, representing the temperament of 6061-T6. It belongs to solid-heat-melted aluminum plate.

The 7000 series is mainly reflected in the hardness, and is not often used in the field of life, but is mostly used in aerospace.

1 thick aluminum plate weight

How to distinguish the quality of 1 thick aluminum plate?

It is to check whether the surface of the alloy aluminum plate is obviously distorted, whether the surface is smooth and flat, whether there are cracks, bubbles, scratches, and burrs;

You can scratch the surface of the alloy aluminum plate with a smooth hard object, which will leave a white scratch. Wipe it gently with your hand and observe it. If it can be wiped off easily, the thickness of the oxide film on the surface of the aluminum plate is qualified;

Be sure to carefully check whether the color of the surface of the alloy aluminum plate is different. A color difference indicates that the quality is not good enough. Of course, it is also possible to compare materials of the same alloy.

1 inch thick aluminum plate

How much is 1 thick aluminum plate?

Speaking of which users are more concerned about the price of 1 thick aluminum plate, there are also many manufacturers in the market that provide 1 thick aluminum plate, and the prices vary. If you want to buy high-quality and low-cost products, it is particularly important to choose a manufacturer!

When buying a product, it is more important to understand the quality of the product. Like the materials used in the product, the production and processing technology will have an impact on the quality. And the quality will affect the use of later users, and the later use performance of good quality products is more stable and reliable, which will bring more economic benefits to users. In addition, with the continuous improvement of technology, there are many product specifications and types. The overall situation should be combined with the actual production needs of the user to select the product specifications, thickness, state, and so on. Specific 1 thick aluminum plate cost requires comprehensive consideration of various factors.

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