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3003 aluminum plate


Brief introduction of 3003 aluminum plate

3003 aluminum plate, aluminum-manganese alloy, contains manganese, and is widely used as anti-rust aluminum. The main feature is that the strength is higher than that of pure aluminum alloy, and it has good plasticity, good corrosion resistance and welding performance after cold working (under-cold rolling) and annealing process.

3003 common specifications: 1000*2000, 1200*2500, 1220*2440, 1250*2500, etc.;

3003 commonly used alloy states: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H112, etc.

The 3003 aluminum alloy plate has a huge market capacity. In modern production and life, aluminum alloy strips are widely used in various fields such as automobiles, electronic appliances, electromechanical chemicals, aerospace, packaging industry, and construction industry.

3003 aluminum plate

3003 aluminum plate H14 and H24

Add two Arabic numerals (called HXX state) after the letter H, or three Arabic numerals (called HXXX state) to indicate the subdivision state of H.

There are usually some numbers after H, among which, the first digit represents the basic processing procedure to obtain this state. H1The state of simple work hardening treatment. It is suitable for the state where the required strength can be obtained only after work hardening without additional heat treatment. H2Work hardened and incompletely annealed state. It is suitable for products whose work hardening degree exceeds the specified requirements of the finished product, and the strength is reduced to the specified index after incomplete annealing.

There may be a second digit after the letter H, which indicates the degree of work hardening of the product. For the state between O (annealed) and HX8 state, the number from 1 to 7 should be added after the HX code to indicate. HX4 tempered aluminum, the ultimate tensile strength is just the middle value of O and HX8 temper.

3003 aluminum alloy plate

3003 aluminum plate for curtain wall

3003 aluminum alloy, 3003 aluminum plate is easy to process and has good rust resistance. Color paint can be rolled on the surface of the original aluminum to make various decorative curtain wall panels and aluminum ceiling gussets for indoor use. It can also be bent by a tile press The roof color aluminum tile is made of light and durable, and the life span is better than that of steel. In addition, there are many advantages such as economic benefits, energy saving, environmental protection, safety performance, waterproof performance and flexible and convenient construction.

3003-h22 aluminum diamond plate

The 3003 aluminum plate used for the curtain wall is in the state of H12, H24,; 2.5 mm, 3mm; the film thickness is two-coating>25um, and three-coating>40um.

When aluminum plate is used as the back plate, the thickness of the back plate is usually 1.5mm or 2mm; when there are special requirements, the back plate needs to be equipped with stiffeners, and the position of the stiffeners is generally arranged perpendicular to the long side; when the aluminum plate is bent, it should not be It is a right angle and needs to be chamfered, and the radius of the chamfer should not be less than 1.5 times the thickness of the plate; in order to control the appearance of the excessive angle of the aluminum plate, it can be realized by the grooving process, which is a cold working process.

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