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3003h14 aluminum sheet

3003h14 aluminum sheet is a semi-hard aluminum sheet. It is a commonly used aluminum sheet for sheet metal processing. Its strength is higher than that of the 1060 and 1100 series. It is a more commonly used alloy series aluminum sheet. Mingtai Aluminum provides 3003H14 aluminum sheet and 3003H14 aluminum coil products, which can be laminated, customized production, and cut into various sizes. The processing technology of 3003h14 aluminum sheet is extremely demanding, and the processing technology is first rolled, then annealed and then rolled. The version of the 3003 aluminum sheet is better than that of the 1 series ordinary aluminum sheet. Therefore, the 3003 H14 aluminum sheet is suitable for products with higher requirements on the shape of the plate and higher strength.

3003h14 aluminum sheet

What does 1 in 3003h14 aluminum sheet mean?

In the aluminum model, the two or three Arabic numerals behind H indicate the subdivision status of H. H1refers to the state of simple work hardening treatment, which is suitable for the state where the required strength can be obtained only by work hardening without additional heat treatment.

3003h14 aluminum sheet application

The aluminum-manganese alloy series have certain anti-rust properties, and are often used in refrigerators, refrigeration, air-conditioning, etc. Due to the anti-rust ability of this series of aluminum sheets, they are also used in tableware, tableware and other stretched products. What needs attention is anodizing. Because of the different processing technology, 3003 aluminum sheet can be divided into cold-rolled products and hot-rolled products. Cold-rolled products cannot be anodized, because there will be obvious color difference, rust and other problems after oxidation. If you need anodized processing, you can choose hot-rolled product.

3003 aluminum sheet properties

3003h14 aluminum sheet price

The 3003 aluminum sheets currently on the market are mainly cold-rolled and are not suitable for oxidation, because cold-rolled products are cheap, but they cant be oxidized. However, cold-rolled products do have poor oxidation effects. So if your project does not require anodizing, you can choose 3003 aluminum sheet. 3003 aluminum sheet is the lowest price anti-rust aluminum alloy sheet product, suitable for outdoor use.

The 3003 series used for stretching is usually in the 0 state (soft state). In this state, it can be stretched well, especially for tableware, kitchenware, etc., which are good raw materials.

aluminum 3003 h14 data sheet

3003h14 aluminum sheet and 3003h24

3003 H24 aluminum sheet is another temper of 3003 aluminum sheet, and it is also a very common temper in the aluminum sheet industry. It accounts for 80% of the 3003 aluminum sheet processing. The processing technology is very mature and accepted by customers. After the annealing process, 3003 H24 aluminum sheet can be bent at 90 degrees without cracking. Therefore, 3003 H24 aluminum sheet is widely used and is also the most commonly used aluminum sheet on the market. People often compare these two tempers together, and choose the right temper based on your end use.

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