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Introduction of 3104 aluminum sheet for cans

3104 aluminum sheet for cans, applied to two parts of the can, end and body.

Aluminum sheet for end includes several alloys, in addition to 3104 aluminum sheet, there are 5182 H48, 5052 H48 and 5042 H48.

The aluminum sheet for can body uses 3104 H19 temper. The specific shapes of food cans include round can, shaped can and bowl can; there are many types of food cans, such as pet food cans, canned beef, etc.)

The common thickness range is 0.2-0.51mm, and the common width range is 150mm-1900mm.

3104 aluminum sheet for cans

3104 aluminum sheet for easy open end

Dried Food Easy Open End

The use of aluminum as the raw material for this easy open end is safer and easier to open. Dried Food Easy Open End includes but is not limited to dried products such as coffee powder, milk powder, cookies, snacks, etc. It is also suitable for oil cap products.

canned Food Easy Open End

Canned Food Easy Open End is mainly a kind of food, including sterilization and loose products. Such as fish, meat, canned vegetables and other ready-to-eat foods.

Beverage Easy Open End

This type includes a variety of our common beverage types: juice, coffee, beer and other beverage products.

Daily Chemicals Easy Open End

The can packaging of fragrances is also a common packaging form, usually in the form of aluminum cans.

canned Food Easy Open End

3104 aluminum sheet for cans beverage cans

Three-piece beverage cans

Main Application: 3104 aluminum sheet for three-piece beverage cans, mainly in the form of easy-open lid tinplate cans. The types of beverages include tea beverages, protein beverages, functional beverages, fruit and vegetable juices and coffee beverages.

Two-piece beverage cans

Main Application: The beverage types of this type of aluminum cans include carbonated beverages, high-temperature retortable beverages, beer, etc., and provide container packaging for these industries.

3104 aluminum sheet for cans food grade cans

Milk powder cans

Milk powder cans, using aluminum as a material, can effectively prevent moisture, ultraviolet rays and gas, and are very suitable for loose products such as milk powder, spices, seasonings, coffee or tea. This tearable aluminum is smooth and has a corrugated film.

Food cans

Deep-processed products usually use food cans, such as canned foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood; there are also some sauces, ketchup, tomato sauce and (semi) solid products.

Beverage Easy Open End

3104 aluminum sheet for cans chemical cans

Chemical cans

Common air fresheners in the home, as well as household daily chemical products such as car care products, personal care and insecticide products.

Various chemical round cans and rectangular cans, various types of milk powder cans; cansdy, biscuit tins, oil cans, tea tins, gift cans, etc.

As a large-scale aluminum product processing enterprise, we provide 3104 aluminum sheets for various cans. I hope that the above application content can help you identify whether 3104 aluminum sheet is a suitable product for your project.

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