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3 16 aluminum diamond plate


3 16 aluminum diamond plate

3 16 aluminum diamond plate refers to a type of aluminum diamond plate, this type of aluminum diamond plate has one thing in common, their thickness is 3/16 inch. Aluminum diamond plate is a common aluminum material. The quality of the aluminum plate is particularly light, which facilitates the usual transportation and storage of the material, and also brings convenience to the installation personnel. Usually when using aluminum diamond plate, you will find that there are some special patterns on the surface of the material, which may be orange peel or feathery. The manufacturing of the pattern not only improves the beauty of the material, but also improves the anti-slip function of the material.

3 16 aluminum diamond plate

Advantages of 3 16 aluminum diamond plate

The structure is novel and the anti-slip effect is good, so the dosage is large. Not only the service life is long, but the weight can be reduced at the same time, due to the low density of aluminum diamond plate.

Excellent durability. This kind of aluminum plate is light, with a mass of about 7kg per square meter, and its tensile strength is up to 200N/mm2; the aluminum plate has high elongation, relative elongation higher than 10%, can accept high twists and turns without breaking, and has excellent resistance.

The installation is convenient and the technology is reasonable. It can be hung on the enclosure structure. It is a new type of high-grade exterior material integrated with energy-saving decoration. It is easy to construct and has a short construction period.

3/16 aluminum diamond plate sheets

3 16 aluminum diamond plate for home appliances

Household appliances use aluminium checker plate with outstanding connection strength and formability, weldability, anodizing and anti-corrosion functions, and it is used in many household appliances accessories, such as brazing plates, heating tubes, and heating equipment. Some aluminium checker plates of alloy series have relatively high thermal conductivity, medium strength and corrosion resistance.

4x8 3/16 aluminum diamond plate

3 16 aluminum diamond plate for construction

3 16 aluminum diamond plate is a convenient and convenient technology in construction. And the composite fluorocarbon polymer resin will not be burned after burning, it just looks like charred. At the same time, it has a certain environmental protection effect. The traditional method requires a lot of cement, sand and other materials, which is very costly. Moreover, a lot of waste will be generated after the building is demolished. If this kind of aluminum plate is used in house construction, it can make the outside of the house more beautiful. Moreover, as mentioned above, the raw material of this aluminum plate is very light, and its durability is also very good. The data shows that the materials used per square meter are equivalent to about 80% of the materials normally used, saving about 15% of the cost, and can accept various high pressures.

Mingtai Aluminum is a Chinese aluminum plate manufacturer. We can provide aluminium checker plates with various patterns and various alloys. If you need this product for your next project, please contact us.

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