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3mm aluminum plate


3mm aluminum plate

There are many types of 3mm aluminum plate, in addition to bare 3mm aluminum plate, there is also aluminium checker plate. We can produce common alloys.

1060 3mm aluminum plate

Processing thickness: 0.016-500mm

Processing width: 100-2650mm

Application areas: aluminum composite panels, gaskets, lighting, auto parts, aluminum bus bars, battery soft connections, etc.

Advantages: elongation, tensile strength, excellent electrical conductivity, and formability are all at a relatively high level, and the general processing (stamping, stretching) requirements can be met. We can increase the width of 1060 aluminum plate to 2650mm and the thickness to 500mm. There are not many manufacturers in China with this production capacity, and we are one of them.

3mm aluminum plate

3003 3mm aluminum plate

Processing thickness: 0.2-500mm

Processing width: 20-2650mm

Application areas: silos, antenna tank materials, power battery shell materials, etc.

Advantages: 3003 aluminum alloy is a typical Al-Mn alloy with good formability, good corrosion resistance and weldability. Lightweight cars can be used as materials, cooking utensils in daily life, food storage devices, and even more, power battery shells in transportation equipment.

3mm aluminum plate price

5052 3mm aluminum plate

Processing thickness: 0.3-500mm

Processing width: 100-2650mm

Application areas: LCD backplanes, mobile phone cases, molds

Advantages: 5052 aluminum plate has high thermal coefficient and excellent heat dissipation performance; the residual internal stress of the plate is small, and there should be no warpage deformation caused by stress release after mechanical processing, ensuring tight compression; 90 degree bending without cracks.

aluminum checker plate 3mm

How to choose the manufacturer of 3mm aluminum plate?

What is the price of 3mm aluminum plate? Choose the right manufacturer, choose the right product, ensure affordable prices, and make purchases at no loss.

Mingtai aluminum eliminates internal stress: 3000T stretching machine guarantees quality improvement.

According to the needs of different customers, aluminum plates of various specifications can be placed in two directions on the plane with high precision. Vertical and horizontal parallelism error, vertical and horizontal error, cutting section surface roughness: Ra≤25 (when the feed speed is 1m/min), to ensure the accuracy of the product in the production process. We have a strong production capacity to meet the needs of customers with different dosages; we refine the processing technology and introduce new equipment to ensure the quality of the products; we expand the scale of our research and development center, and strive to meet the types of alloys required by customers for different projects. All in all, for more than 20 years, we have been working hard for our products and working hard for our customers to use better products!

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