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4'x8' Embossed Aluminum Diamond Plate (thick mm1/2/3...)


Embossed aluminum diamond plate has lots of alloy grades, such as 1060, 1050, 3003, 3105, 4017, 5052, 5454, 5754, 6061 alloy series diamond plate, etc. Here, Mingtai Al. can customize conventional 4' x 8' embossed aluminum diamond plate, as well as the thickness of 0.8mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and other length, wide and thick specifications.

Why is Embossed Aluminum Diamond Plate so Popular ?

I have to say the embossed aluminum diamond plate effect is really amazing! You see, among the numerous aluminum checker plate, the surface of the aluminum diamond plate presents a unique pattern like one diamond after another, which is interlaced and extremely shining from a distance ! It is not difficult to find that with the strong decorative,  aluminum diamond plate sheets are used in wainscot of our kitchen, garage, gym, inside and outside stairs, or the most practical tool box., etc. Due to the application of embossed aluminum diamond plate, they become more fashionable! In addition, aluminum diamond plate is extremely anti-slip, corrosion resistance, no color change, no deformation, easy to clean, service life can reach more than 20 years advantage, aluminum diamond plate sheets obviously become a modern simple and practical decoration trend !

Embossed Aluminum Diamond Plate is indeed a Good Choice !

1. Performance Advantage. In fact, embossed aluminum diamond plate can be subdivided into different alloy fseries. For example, 1 series diamond plate represented by 1060 aluminum tread plate, 3 series diamond plate represented by 3003 aluminum checker plate, and 5 series diamond plate represented by 5052 aluminum tread plate, etc. Due to the addition of major alloy components in each alloy series diamond plate, they have better corrosion resistance, machinability, weldability, and certain load-bearing strength, thereby being widely used in vrious fields.

2.Easy to Clean. Due to the effect of surface pattern, water and other liquids attached to embossed aluminum diamond plate are not easy to spread, and keep the countertop clean. Besides, Aluminum metal sheet itself has the property of not easily attracting dust. Even if impurities such as oil and stains drip on it, simply wipe them off with a scouring pad or mop dipped in clean water or detergent.

3. Beautiful. Embossed aluminum diamond plate has a single bar linear pattern on the surface, visually making the application space more neat and cleaner. Moreover, the luster of aluminum diamond plate sheets is durable, which is the other decorative materials are difficult to surpass !

Mingtai 4' x 8' Embossed Aluminum Diamond Plate with Vrious Specifications

There are lots of advantages of embossed aluminum diamond plate ! Here, Mingtai Al., as large aluminum checker plate suppliers, provide high quality and excellent performance aluminum diamond plate sheets for global users! There are 4' x 8' embossed aluminum diamond plate and other specifications of length and width, as well as thickness specifications of 0.8mm,1mm,2mm and 3mm,etc., including 1060, 1050, 3003, 3105, 4017, 5052, 5454, 5754, 6061 alloy series diamond plate,etc. Besides, the aluminum checker plate of various patterns is of course indispensable, such as two bar, three bar, big five bar, small five bar and other patterns. In a word, Mingtai embossed aluminum diamond plate can be customized production! So, If you are interested in our products, then don't hesitate to consult us ! Just click on the right side of the online customer, Come On !

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