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4 by 8 sheet of diamond plate aluminum


4 by 8 sheet of diamond plate aluminum

4 by 8 sheet, also called 48X96 sheet. 4 by 8 sheet of diamond plate aluminum is an aluminum diamond plate with a width and a length of 4 feet and 8 feet, respectively. This is a common specification. Diamond plate aluminum is an aluminum plate with a convex diamond pattern on one side, which is a pressed aluminum plate. The diamond tread plate is specially formulated and manufactured to produce an attractive but strong material for applications that require a beautiful surface and a hard exterior. Typical alloys 1060, 3003, 5052 and 6061.

4 by 8 sheet of diamond plate aluminum

4 by 8 sheet of diamond plate aluminum thickness

Depending on your application, here are some guidelines regarding the suitability of diamond plates of every thickness.

Compared with other diamond plates, the aluminum diamond plate with a thickness of 0.025 inches is a very unique material. Thin, flexible, light, easy to cut, easy to bend at corners, these are its basic characteristics. It also provides a bright surface for walls or ceilings, but has the advantage of low maintenance costs. The most important feature is that it can be rolled up and packed in a box! We do not recommend using 0.025 inch embossed flooring on the floor; 0.045 inches, 0.063 inches, and 0.080 inches are all very similar in thickness. They are usually used to cover walls and lightly used floors; the thickness of 0.100 inches is very suitable for covering walls and floors. It is thick enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear; the 0.125 inch thick diamond plate is thick and strong, and is mainly used for the floors of trucks and trailers.

4 8 sheet of diamond plate aluminum

4 by 8 sheet of diamond plate aluminum maintenance

Since diamond plate aluminum is used in high-flow applications, it is likely to get dirty frequently. The purpose of cleaning and maintaining aluminum diamond plates is to improve gloss and durability.

1. It is recommended not to use harsh detergents or soaps for cleaning. If you must use it, please test it first, on a small patch or corner, make sure it will not damage the metal, and then proceed to the next step. No matter it is water or any cleaning product, please do not leave it on the surface for a long time.

2. Applying a wax protective layer regularly can reduce the time required to clean it regularly and help the material continue to maintain its new appearance. This operation still needs to be tested first.

3. In some cases, to make the diamond plate aluminum look new, it may need to be cleaned and waxed many times. You may need some special metal cleaners or polishes and buffers to restore the original gloss. You can choose to complete the work yourself or ask a professional to do it.

diamond plate aluminum

How much is a 4 by 8 sheet of diamond plate aluminum

Which alloy do you want? In other words, your end use.

Can you tell me the thickness of the 4 by 8 sheet of diamond plate aluminum you need?

Do you need a sample test? Or do you have a definite demand.

Whatever you have any requirements, you can contact us. Professional customer service staff will answer your questions.

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