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4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal


4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal

4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal is a common aluminum sheet specification. It has other names such as 4'x8' aluminum sheet, 4x8 aluminum sheet, and so on. Walking in the bustling streets, you can see skyscrapers when you look up. The outer walls of the building are made of aluminum sheet metal. You walk around at home, but you don't know that the appearance of refrigerators, microwaves, and stereos are also aluminum sheet metal. When you discover with your heart, the raw materials of your furniture and cabinets may also be aluminum sheet metal. 4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal is widely used, and we need to understand its performance.

4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal

4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal quality

Regarding 4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal, the factors that affect the quality are nothing more than alloy content, mechanical properties, appearance quality, plate shape, etc. Therefore, half of the evaluation of the quality factors of 4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal starts from the above points.

4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal alloy content

The first is the alloy content. The 4'x8' aluminum sheet must meet the required alloy content to ensure performance. This is basically entirely possible. The first is to add various other alloys when the aluminum ingot is melted.

4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal mechanical properties

The second is mechanical properties. The mechanical properties are related to the annealing time in the annealing process. Sometimes when the order is large, many manufacturers reduce the annealing time in order to shorten the delivery time and increase the output value, which affects the mechanical properties. In fact, this is a more common quality problem.

4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal supplier

4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal appearance

4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal Appearance quality: As long as the appearance has scratches, color difference, and indentation problems, it is mainly related to the equipment. When the equipment is aging and operating abnormally, it often occurs, and it has a greater relationship with the equipment's capabilities. The imported production line used by our company is combined with the self-developed production line, so the products processed on the production line are guaranteed in performance, with a textured appearance, fine texture, and good board quality.

4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal version

Plate type. The first comparison is that the flatness is only affected by the leveling machine and the bending and straightening equipment. Many small companies do not have bending equipment and cannot better guarantee the shape of the board, which causes the board to warp and cause ripples.

4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal price

Advantages of 4 x 8 aluminum sheet metal

Unlike decorative materials such as glass, stone, ceramics, and aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum sheet metal can be recycled 100% and has a high recycling value;

Light weight, good rigidity and high strength. 3.0mm thick aluminum sheet metal, counterweight per square 8kg, tensile strength 100-280n;

Good manufacturability. Can be processed and painted;

Good weather resistance and corrosion resistance;

Installation and construction are convenient and quick. Aluminum sheet metal is formed in the factory and does not need to be cut at the construction site, only needs to be fixed on the frame;

The cleaning and maintenance of the surface of aluminum sheet metal is relatively easy, especially after the fluorocarbon coating, the fluorocarbon paint coating film is non-sticky and has good cleanliness.

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