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4 x 8 sheet aluminum


4 x 8 sheet aluminum

If you are not sure about the size of the aluminum alloy sheet you need, or if your project has no specific requirements for the size, you can choose 4 x 8 sheet aluminum. This is a commonly used aluminum sheet specification, meaning that the size is 4 feet * 8 feet, which is 1219.2mm * 2438.4mm. Many large aluminum sheet manufacturers have 4'x8' aluminum sheet stocks, which have short delivery times and reasonable prices.

4 x 8 sheet aluminum

5052 4 x 8 sheet aluminum

There are many categories of 4 x 8 sheet aluminum. Why do we introduce 5052 aluminum sheet here? Why do many users recommend this material? This is because of the advantages of 5052 aluminum sheet and related applications.

The product has high hardness, good sheet metal bending performance, strong anodizing performance, strong machining performance, and also belongs to aluminum-magnesium alloy. The anti-rust performance is also good. The comprehensive performance of the aluminum alloy sheet is still a relatively cost-effective product. The hardware and electrical appliances industry often uses 5052 alloy, and high-end sheet metal processing companies and chassis and cabinet companies often use this material.

We admit that the price of 1060 aluminum sheet is lower than that of 5052 aluminum sheet. However, in many aspects that require high rust resistance and high strength, you should not just look at the actual price, but consider that the performance of the aluminum sheet cannot meet the project requirements.

4 x 8 aluminum sheet price

4 x 8 sheet aluminum types

Let's start with the 1 series. Strictly speaking, the 1 series 4'x8' aluminum sheet does not belong to alloy aluminum, but pure aluminum. It has an aluminum content of at least 95%. 2000 series 4 x 8 sheet aluminum has high internal copper content and can be heat treated, which is a hard aluminum alloy. Usually used in various molds and machinery industries; 3000 series are aluminum-manganese alloys, which are relatively inexpensive alloys. In particular, the 3003 aluminum sheet is a relatively low-priced product in the alloy aluminum sheet, and the internal alloy content is more manganese; and the 5000 series aluminum sheet is also a rust-proof aluminum, but the price is higher than that of the 3 series. The alloys of this series have higher hardness and better anti-rust performance; 6000 series alloys are aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys and contain certain magnesium alloys and silicon alloys inside. The connection performance is good, and it is widely used in brazing. It is particularly pointed out that this series of alloys can be quenched and processed to T6 tempering, which is good for cutting, milling and grinding.

.040 aluminum sheet 4x8

How to judge the quality of 4 x 8 sheet aluminum

Judging the quality of 4 x 8 sheet aluminum is a concern of many customers. How to judge whether the quality of aluminum alloy sheet meets the standard?

Look at the appearance: The high-quality 4 x 8 sheet aluminum has a smooth surface, no scratches and oil stains, uniform color and no color difference. The current aluminum alloy sheet production equipment has been automated, all processed on the assembly line, and gone through degreasing and decontamination treatment, so the surface treatment of high-quality aluminum alloy sheet is better.

Measure size: Prepare the coil and micrometer to measure the thickness, length, width and diagonal of 4 x 8 sheet aluminum, and compare the actual measured data with the national standard. The high-quality aluminum alloy sheet has small size tolerances and uniform thickness.

Rely on professional equipment: Although many companies do not have such equipment, we still need to say that the alloy content needs to be measured by a direct reading spectrometer, and the mechanical properties need to be tested by a tensile testing machine.

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