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4mm aluminum plate Brazil


4mm aluminum plate Brazil 3003

3003 aluminum plate, one of the commonly used 4mm aluminum plate Brazil alloys, is often used for aluminum honeycomb composite panel panels. It has the characteristics of high flatness, light weight, high strength, convenient and quick installation, and long durability, and is very popular among users.

3003 aluminum plate, the alloy can prevent rust and has high strength, first-class formability, corrosion resistance and weldability, and meet some conventional processing requirements. There are many broad application fields, which can be used in the construction field that requires a large amount of materials, which can give full play to its characteristics and reduce costs.

4mm aluminum plate Brazil

4mm aluminum plate Brazil 3004

3004 aluminum plate is also a common 4mm aluminum plate Brazil alloy. In today's advocacy of green environmental protection, modern buildings are gradually developing in the direction of lightness, environmental protection and durability. Aluminum alloy is currently an ideal green building material with unparalleled advantages of other materials. 3004 aluminum platealuminum-magnesium-manganese plate commonly used in construction. Because of its corrosion resistance, light texture and recyclability, it is favored by users in various large-span roof structure systems.

4mm aluminum plate price

4mm aluminum plate Brazil price

According to the process, the aluminum plate is a rectangular plate, which is processed by rolling aluminum ingots. It can be divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, thick aluminum plate and aluminum checker plate. So, how are aluminum plates of different thicknesses and different alloys priced? Here is a brief introduction to the price calculation of aluminum plates:

First confirm the volume of the aluminum plate required, that is, the specific data such as thickness, width, and length. The meter is the unified unit of measurement when calculating.

Aluminum plate volume * aluminum density (2.71, alloy 2.8), that is, length * thickness * width * 2.71 (*2.8), calculate the weight of each aluminum plate.

Understand the current market price of aluminum ingots.

The price of aluminum ingots on that day, plus the processing fee of the product by the manufacturer, is the exact price per ton of aluminum plates of this model.

Multiply the tonnage of the required product by the price of aluminum sheet per ton to get an accurate quotation for the product.

4mm aluminum plate cost

Where to buy 4mm aluminum plate Brazil

Mingtai Aluminum not only provides customers with low-priced products, but also creates higher value for users in later use. Because Mingtai Aluminum has professional technicians, they can design and customize according to the actual needs of users, and create high-quality products with ingenuity. In addition, Mingtai Aluminum has a 24-hour after-sales service team, which can provide users with a series of professional, thoughtful and complete service systems before, after and during sales. If you want to know more detailed product information and preferential quotations, you can click on the online consultation to get it quickly!

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