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4x10 aluminum sheet


4x10 aluminum sheet

4x10 aluminum sheet is an aluminum sheet specification, the same type also has 1/8 aluminum sheet, 4'x8' aluminum sheet and so on.

Features of 4x10 aluminum sheet

4x10 aluminum sheet has low density

The density of aluminum and aluminum alloys is close to 2.7g/, which is about 1/3 of that of iron or copper. Aluminum and aluminum alloys have high strength. The effect of strengthening the strength of the matrix can be achieved through the cold working process. There are also some grades of aluminum alloys that cannot pass the cold working process, but can use the heat treatment process.

4x10 aluminum sheet

4x10 aluminum sheet has good electrical and thermal conductivity

The electrical and thermal conductivity of metal materials is ranked, silver, copper and gold are higher than aluminum, and aluminum is higher than other metals.

4x10 aluminum sheet with uniform coating and various colors

Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the adhesion between paint and aluminum sheet uniform, diverse colors, and large selection space.

4x10 aluminum sheet is easy to process

After adding certain alloying elements, higher characteristics or new characteristics can be obtained. The aluminum sheet is light in weight, high in tensile strength, good in elongation, and high in recycling value. Good manufacturability, using the process of first processing and then painting. The aluminum sheet can be processed into various complex geometric shapes such as plane, arc and spherical surface. The aluminum sheet is formed in the factory, and the production does not need to be cut and can be directly processed for secondary processing.

4x10 aluminum sheet weight

4x10 aluminum sheet has good corrosion resistance

The good corrosion resistance of aluminum is due to the AL2O3 protective film on the surface, which is naturally produced on the surface of aluminum. It is dense and firm, and protects the substrate from corrosion. The surface of aluminum products can be reprocessed. Common processing techniques include artificial anodizing and coloring, which can improve casting performance or improve processing plasticity. Fluorocarbon paint types kynar-500, hylur500, etc., this kind of PVDF fluorocarbon paint can protect the material from color for 25 years.

4x10 aluminum sheet surface treatment is very important

There are some surface treatment processes for 4x10 aluminum sheet. The surface treatment accuracy has a fundamental influence on the overall performance of the aluminum sheet. Those aluminum sheets with superior performance in the market have undergone repeated, scientific and rigorous surface treatments. The precision of aluminum sheet processing can not only affect the decorative use of the product, but also affect the price of aluminum sheet.

.040 aluminum sheet 4x10

4x10 aluminum sheet used in rail vehicles

If it is used in railway vehicles, aluminum alloy is usually used as a body structure material. Aluminum is used in automobiles, not only for aluminum sheets, but also 70% of profiles, 27% of plates, and about 3% of castings and forgings. Vehicles have entered a new era of aluminum.

The society is developing and progressing, and the application of aluminum is also developing, especially in the transportation industry. The characteristics of aluminum for transportation: large-scale integration, hollow and thin-walled, general standardization; in addition, it is multi-functional, energy-saving and safe, improves material utilization and improves production efficiency. In the future, the development of aluminum in the transportation industry will still not stagnate, and there will be more room for development.

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