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4x10 aluminum sheet metal


4x10 aluminum sheet metal

4x10 aluminum sheet metal, aluminum sheet metal with a size of 4x10 inches. This is the origin of its name. 4x10 aluminum sheet metal is light in weight, and some alloys have good corrosion resistance. Hundreds of alloys of 4x10 aluminum sheet metal correspond to different applications and play different roles in different applications.

4x10 aluminum sheet metal 3003 aluminum sheet

Pure aluminum sheet supplements with magnesium to provide further solid solution strengthening (such as en-aw3004 and 3104). The 0.2% calcium content changes the characteristics of 3003 aluminum flakes.

Iron is a slight alloying element that can produce a polishing effect during rapid deep drawing/ironing operations. The structure is very eye-catching. If we use this kind of aluminum sheet in our own home, it can improve the aesthetics.

4x10 aluminum sheet metal

Application of 4x10 aluminum sheet metal

4x10 aluminum sheet metal is widely used, and it is also a very common specification, just like 4'x8' aluminum sheet. Larger areas include aerospace, molds, instrumentation, chemicals, construction, and smaller areas include packaging, anti-corrosion and heat preservation, air conditioning, solar energy, refrigerators and other industries.

.040" x 4' x 10' Aluminum Sheet

Advantages of 4x10 aluminum sheet metal

First, the density of aluminum is 2.71, and the density of iron is 7.8, which means that the weight of iron per square is 3 times that of aluminum. It can reduce costs and reduce the pressure on the stent.

Anti-rust performance. Secondly, pure aluminum itself has anti-corrosion properties due to the oxide film on the surface. In the external environment, rain, sun and heavy snow, these are very harsh environments, but they will not damage the aluminum products and cause great harm. But the iron sheet is different, it will rust soon after seeing the rain. Based on the above two points, it is not unfounded that aluminum completely replaces stainless steel.

Aluminum Sheets 4 x 10

4x10 aluminum sheet metal main products

1) 1, 3, 5 series hot-rolled materials

2) 5052, 5083, 5182 alloy aluminum sheet

3) 6061t6 aluminum sheet (surface brightness, hardness and other properties meet national standards) / 6061t651 aluminum sheet

4) 1100, 1070, 1060 pure aluminum sheets for capacitors

5) Mirror 4x10 aluminum sheet metal, 5 bar 4x10 aluminum sheet metal (5 large and small); 3bar, aluminum gasket, aluminum composite panel, curtain wall panel.

These are only part of 4x10 aluminum sheet metal, which are classified according to alloy, surface treatment, etc. The above-listed are some common types of 4x10 aluminum sheet metal. In fact, there are many other types. So whether you have any questions about 4x10 aluminum sheet metal, you can consult us. It's okay to want to know the specific price. Before getting the price, you need to tell us the thickness, alloy or use of the product you need, and the quantity of the product you need, which will help us calculate the price more quickly.

Products Recommended
3003 aluminum sheet
3003 aluminum sheetThickenss: 0.1-500mm
Model: 3003
5454 Aluminum Sheet
5454 Aluminum SheetThickenss: 0.3-600mm
Model: 5454
5182 Aluminum Sheet, aluminum sheet for tank
5182 Aluminum Sheet, aluminum sheet for tankThickenss: 0.15-600mm
Model: 5182
6061 Aluminum Sheet
6061 Aluminum SheetThickenss: 0.3-500mm
Model: 6061
Industry Application
Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring
Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring Application: Aluminum Chequer Plate Flooring
Model: 1060/3003/5754/6061
Aluminum Sheet for Automotive
Aluminum Sheet for Automotive Application: Automotive Aluminum
Model: 5/6 Series Alloy
Aluminum Checker Plate
Aluminum Checker Plate Application: Wainscot/Floor/Stairs
Model: Aluminum Checker Plate
Food Grade Aluminium Foil
Food Grade Aluminium Foil Application: Lunch boxes matrerial,Household foil, Yogurt lid
Model: 1235/3003/8011 aluminum foil
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