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4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate


4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate is essential

Aluminum plate is still an indispensable plate in industry, and it is deeply favored by people. For many grid plate users and distributors, whether it is during the transportation of 4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate or when it is stored in the future, you should pay attention to several shared items so that you do not have to worry about the transportation and storage process. There is a problem in.

4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate

4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate storage precautions

4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate storage precautions 1: Try to store the grid plate in the warehouse. If conditions do not permit, even if it is placed in an outdoor environment, it needs to be maintained with a rain cloth to avoid white spots on the surface of the grid board due to rain and moisture.

Precautions for storage of 4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate 2: Cover it with cloth during transportation to prevent rain and snow from intruding. The storage environment should be dry, bright, well ventilated, non-corrosive, and beware of rain, water, and snow intrusion. When storing, the bottom must be separated from the ground with a pad, and the distance from the ground must be greater than 10cm. It is forbidden to store chemical data and wettability data together.

4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate transportation

4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate transportation

Generally, the means of transportation of goods include various means of transportation such as cars, trains, and ships. During transportation, do not mix aluminum checker plate with chemical products, and ensure that the cabin is clean, dry, and pollution-free.

The best method of transportation is to use closed carriages or cabins for transportation, or to transport a small amount at a time. During transportation, it is necessary to check whether the goods are tightly bundled, and take measures such as waterproof and moisture-proof to ensure that rain does not enter the carriage. When the goods need to be taken out, they should be stored in the warehouse. If there is an open-air warehouse, then a series of protective measures must be taken. Handle with care when loading and unloading, so as not to damage the grid plate in the box.

When transporting, ensure that the carriage is clean, dry and free of pollutants. It is forbidden to attach chemically active substances and wet objects. When transporting in a convertible, pay special attention to avoid rain and snow intrusion. It must be covered with a cloth; and when parking temporarily, pay attention to rain and snow.

4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate price

4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate price

The first is aluminum ingots. The price of aluminum ingots affects the price of 4x8 1/4 aluminum diamond plate. The quotation of non-ferrous metal mesh aluminum ingots changes every day. The price of aluminum ingots is determined according to the trend of the stock market.

Alloy grades. The quotations of various grades and series of aluminum checker plates are different. For example, the quotations of the 1 series and the 5 series are directly different by 400-800 US dollars/ton.

The standard of aluminum checker plate. Ultra wide standard. The wider the aluminum checker plate, the higher the price, so if your project has no special requirements, it is recommended to choose a regular width.

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