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4x8 aluminum diamond plate

4x8 aluminum diamond plate is a commonly used aluminum diamond plate specification, which means that the size of aluminum diamond plate is 4 feet and 8 feet. Aluminium checker plate has many types of patterns, and the application of each pattern type is also different. Commonly used in life include orange peel pattern, diamond, 2 bar, 3 bar, 5 bar and spherical. Of course, their prices are also different. You can consult us directly for the specific price.

4x8 aluminum diamond plate

4x8 aluminum diamond plate size

The general aluminum plate has many sizes, and the aluminum diamond plate is no exception. So besides 4x8 aluminum diamond plate, what other sizes are there?

The general aluminum plate has four grades of thickness, that is, the thickness of thin aluminum plate is 0.2-2.0mm, the thickness of conventional aluminum plate is 2.0-6.0mm, the thickness of medium-thick aluminum plate is 6.0-25mm, and the thickness of thick aluminum plate is 25-200mm. There are many specifications of aluminum diamond plate, and the specifications will be different for different specific uses. For example, the aluminum diamond plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum is generally 0.8mm-9mm in thickness, 500-2600mm in width, and varying in length.

4x8 aluminum diamond plate near me

4x8 aluminum diamond plate for trailer

The cargo compartment can be made of aluminum alloy, and the floor of the compartment is made of 4x8 aluminum diamond plate, which has a very good effect. Because its anti-slip function is obvious. It can be used in carriages, platforms, cold storage floors, workshop floors, elevator floors, etc. There are many kinds of alloy specifications, how much is the price? The main products are 1xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx series, 6xxx series aluminum alloy sheet, and the price is related to many factors. For different alloys, specifications, thicknesses, processing technologies, sales models, etc., the overall quotation varies. The pattern styles are different, one bar, two bars, five bars, etc. The quotations of manufacturers are different for different user needs. In order to avoid misleading customers, please consult our professional customer service online.

diamond plate sheets 4x8 near me

How to clean 4x8 aluminum diamond plate?

Here to tell you the precautions for cleaning 4x8 aluminum diamond plate.

Do not use a brush to forcibly clean, because not all aluminum plate materials are very hard, and may damage the surface of the aluminum plate.

Also do not use detergents with strong alkaline and strong acid to clean the aluminum plate, because not all aluminum plate materials have higher acid and alkali resistance than the standard.

So, what is the better way to clean 4x8 aluminum diamond plate?

First use a lot of water to clean the surface of the aluminum plate, and then use a soft cloth dipped in the diluted neutral detergent to gently wipe the surface of the patterned aluminum plate. After scrubbing, clean the aluminium checker plate again with plenty of water until the neutral detergent on it is completely cleaned. Especially note that the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

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