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4x8 aluminum diamond plate price

Many customers will ask: Why is the 4x8 aluminum diamond plate price so different? Today, we will popularize the factors that affect the price of 4x8 aluminum diamond plate.

4x8 aluminum diamond plate price is related to some factors

Aluminum diamond plate, also known as aluminum checker plate, aluminum tread plate, chequered aluminum plate, is a metal raw material. It has a regular raised diamond pattern on one side, and nothing on the reverse side. Diamond plates are usually made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum by a hot rolling process. However, modern aluminum plate manufacturers have also updated the raised pattern and rolling process design. What is the 4x8 aluminum diamond plate price related to?

4x8 aluminum diamond plate price

4x8 aluminum diamond plate price is related to material

The price is related to the aluminum material, which is a very obvious factor. It's like the prices of apples and grapes are not the same. Different materials, different prices. The lowest price is the 1060 aluminum product, which is not only light, but also the lowest price. It is one of the best-selling products on the market, but it cannot meet the requirements of some projects in terms of hardness and rust resistance. Therefore, if you have requirements for these properties, you can choose alloy materials such as 3003, 5052, 5754, or 6061.

how much is aluminum diamond plate

4x8 aluminum diamond plate price is related to width

The width affects the price of aluminum sheet. The normal width is between 1000-1250mm. Beyond this range, whether it is narrower or wider, it will increase the process or difficulty of the process, and the price will rise. The maximum width that our company can produce is 2600 mm, but the price is also higher than the ordinary width. Therefore, the width affects the 4x8 aluminum diamond plate price. If you want to reduce the cost of the product, you can choose regular width aluminum plates.

Pattern influence 4x8 aluminum diamond plate price

The price of 4x8 aluminum diamond plate with different patterns is different. The cheapest is the 5 bar pattern, and the diamond pattern is more expensive. The highest quality diamond pattern, a single structure, will not break, and the service life is extremely long. These diamonds are bonded to a precision ground surface, embedded in nickel and electroplated. This process locks the diamond in place.

What grade aluminum is diamond plate

Manufacturers will affect 4x8 aluminum diamond plate price

We, Mingtai Aluminum, are engaged in supplying and exporting high-quality 4x8 aluminum diamond plate. These sheets are the needs of various automotive and machinery industries in the market. The 4x8 aluminum diamond plate we provide is made by strict processing technology. These aluminum checker plates are sturdy and non-corrosive, and enjoy a high reputation in the international market. Keeping in mind the various requirements of customers, we can provide these plates according to their specific requirements.

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