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4x8 aluminum sheet metal


4x8 aluminum sheet metal

4x8 aluminum sheet metal is the size of aluminum sheet, and 1/8 aluminum sheet is the thickness of aluminum sheet. These are commonly used aluminum sheet specifications. The main alloys are 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, among which the more widely used ones are 1 series 1060 4x8 aluminum sheet metal

, 3 series of 3003 4x8 aluminum sheet metal, 6 series of 6061 4x8 aluminum sheet metal, 5 series of 5454 4x8 aluminum sheet metal, 5052 4x8 aluminum sheet metal. Two types of 5000 series aluminum sheets are selected below to introduce.

4x8 aluminum sheet metal

5052 4x8 aluminum sheet metal

5052 4x8 aluminum sheet metal is mainly used for some demanding projects, aiming at plasticity and weldability. 45% of the use of 5052 aluminum is used for computer panels, mobile phone shells, large computer shells and operating platform panels. Requirements: appearance, flatness and mechanical properties. 40% is used for auto parts, requirements: appearance, flatness and mechanical properties.

15% is used for street lamp bracket, solar bracket, desktop computer base (thickness 2.0mm)

The surface quality of 5052 alloy aluminum sheet:

In the process of producing 5052 alloy aluminum sheet, and when the final product is made, the surface is required to be free of indentation, scratches, chromatic aberration and other surface quality defects. In terms of mechanical properties, it is required to be bent at 90 degrees without cracking. Black wire.

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5454 4x8 aluminum sheet metal

Magnesium is the main component of 5454 aluminum alloy. Because of this, 5454 aluminum alloy has a series of good properties, including forming processing, corrosion resistance, weldability, and strength. Its anti-rust strength is about 20% higher than 5052 aluminum sheet. In fact, its characteristics are roughly the same as the 5154 aluminum sheet. But in harsh environments, the corrosion resistance is better than 5154 aluminum sheet. 5454 aluminum is used to make the barrel of oil tanker, which is not easy to rust, so that the oil contained in it is not easy to be polluted and kept clean. The composition of 5454 alloy is reasonable and it is a good material for tank trucks.

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4x8 aluminum sheet metal price

The price of 4x8 aluminum sheet metal is a problem that customers are very concerned about. The price of 4x8 aluminum sheet metal is composed of the price of aluminum ingots plus processing fees. Different aluminum sheets have different prices due to different processing techniques. If the processing technology of aluminum sheets is relatively complicated, yes The requirements for processing equipment are relatively high, and the price of aluminum sheet is slightly more expensive than other ordinary plates. The specific price needs to be determined according to the actual needs of the customer. You can contact us at any time, and our sales staff will provide you with an accurate quotation.

There are two main factors affecting the price of 4x8 aluminum sheet metal: aluminum ingot price and processing fee. Different specifications of alloy aluminum sheet have different quotations, and the same alloy and different specifications of alloy aluminum sheet have different processing fees, and the quotations will also be different. . For a specific quotation, you can click the online consultation on the right to inform your product requirements, and we will give you a detailed quotation as soon as possible.

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