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4x8 sheet aluminum

One of the commonly used aluminum sheet specifications is 4x8 sheet aluminum. In order to facilitate transportation, aluminum materials are generally processed into aluminum sheets for easy transportation to all over the world.

What are the characteristics of high-quality 4x8 sheet aluminum? There are no cracks, corrosion spots and traces of nitrate on their surface. The surface must not be damaged by scratches, bumps, cracks, blisters, stains, deformation, sand holes, marks, corrosion, etc.

4x8 sheet aluminum

4x8 sheet aluminum temper

Do you know the temper of 4x8 sheet aluminum?

Do you know the basic temper of 4x8 sheet aluminum? It doesn't matter if you don't know. The following content, let's introduce the content of this aspect!

F: Free processing of temper. If your project has no special requirements for work hardening and heat treatment conditions, you can use F temper. Please note that there is no fixed reference value for the mechanical properties of this temper product.

O: Annealing temper. Fully annealed to obtain the lowest strength in the end.

H: Improve the temper of hardness by processing. If your project requires hardness, you can use the tempered product. After work hardening, additional heat treatment is not necessary.

T heat temper temperament (different from F, O, H). It is also heat-treated, but the difference is a stable product. T is usually followed by one or more Arabic numerals. The first digit indicates the basic type of heat treatment (from 1 to 10), and the subsequent digits indicate some heat treatment details. Such as 6061-T6, 5083-H116 and so on.

4x8 sheet aluminum lowes

4x8 sheet aluminum needs maintenance

With its unique advantages, aluminum sheet has been favored by various industries. Although any aluminum sheet has many excellent features, if you want a longer service life, you need to pay attention to the maintenance during use to get a better experience. So how should aluminum sheet be maintained? Let me share with you some basic aluminum sheet maintenance methods.

4x8 sheet aluminum cost

How to maintain 4x8 sheet aluminum

1) If you do not want your aluminum sheet to be damaged, please do not store it together with chemical materials, and do not place it in a humid environment;

2) In the process of transportation, make preparations before transportation, such as surface protection. Strictly prevent the intrusion of rain and other damp objects;

3) Requirements for storage environment: dry, bright, well ventilated, and non-corrosive;

4) There are also places that need to be paid attention to during the handling process. Handle with care is the basic requirement, not to mention bumps that cause surface damage and affect the appearance of the surface;

5) Storage is also very important. The small size aluminum sheet is placed on the shelf. When storing large aluminum sheets, it is best to separate them from the ground with a backing plate at the bottom, and keep a distance from the ground, the distance is probably greater than 10CM.

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