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5000 series aluminum coil


First introduce 5000 series aluminum coil alloy

In fact, the 5000 series alloy belongs to the aluminum-magnesium alloy among the wrought aluminum alloys. This series of alloys has corrosion resistance, good processing and welding properties, and is widely used. 5000 series alloys include many, such as: 5052 aluminum coil, 5005 aluminum coil, 5182 aluminum coil, 5086 aluminum coil, 5A06 aluminum coil, 5083 aluminum coil, etc. Different 5 series alloys and different heat treatment conditions have different uses.

5000 series aluminum coil

5000 series aluminum coils for automobiles

Petroleum is a necessity for automobiles. For better environmental governance, green, environmental protection, and energy saving will become the main theme of the development of automotive raw materials. Aluminum is the main choice for lightweight automotive materials. Aluminum is very suitable for automobiles, especially in terms of weight reduction and energy saving, the effect is obvious. There are many auto parts that aluminum materials are used in new energy vehicles. Including door, body, chassis, fuel tank, wheel hub, etc. 5000 series alloy aluminum materials are used, mostly 5052 and 5182 aluminum coils, and 3 series alloy aluminum materials are used for power battery shells and heat sinks, mainly 3003 aluminum coils and 3004 aluminum coils. The rapid development of new energy vehicles will surely promote the large-scale application of aluminum materials by aluminum coil manufacturers in the automotive industry.

5000 series aluminum coil-2

5000 series aluminum coil 5083 alloy use

5083 alloy is often used in these applications, welding parts of ships, ships, aircraft plates, pressure vessels requiring fire protection, refrigeration devices, etc. And in the construction industry. If 5083 alloy aluminum is rolled in fresh water and sea water, it has high corrosion resistance, easy processing and forming, excellent welding, and good cold working performance. It is a widely used anti-rust aluminum. The main features of Mingtai Aluminum 5083 aluminum coil: low density, high tensile strength, and high elongation. Under different heat treatment conditions, it is the main material used for automobiles, ships and tankers.

5000 series aluminum coil-3

5000 series aluminum coil 5A05/5A06 aluminum coil

5000 series aluminum coils 5A05/5A06 aluminum coils are mostly used in cabinets.

Many aluminum product applications are constantly being developed, and the wide range of uses of the 5000 series aluminum coil is evident.

5000 series aluminum coil manufacturer

Henan Mingtai Aluminum is an aluminum coil manufacturer and a leading company in Henan aluminum processing enterprises. With a production base of 1.6 million square meters, more than 5,000 employees and 313 professional technicians, Mingtai has a strong production capacity, with an annual production capacity of 1 million tons of aluminum foil. Mingtai's aluminum coil processing technology keeps improving, the product quality is reliable, and the performance is stable, occupying more and more market shares, and the shipment volume was once among the best in the industry.

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