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5052 aluminum sheet thickness


5052 aluminum sheet thickness thickness classification, the relationship between thickness and price, the relationship with the flatness and the relationship with the rolling process.

5052 aluminum sheet thickness thickness classification

5052 aluminum sheet thickness classification basis: not only 5052 aluminum sheet, aluminum sheet can be divided into thin sheet, ordinary sheet and medium-thickness sheet according to the thickness. In the industry, mm is usually used as the measurement unit of thickness. The thickness of the middle plate belongs to the ordinary plate and the thickness of more than 8mm becomes the medium-thick aluminum plate. This classification is mainly based on the basis of processing. For example, the thickness of less than 8mm can be processed by cold rolling equipment, which is relatively low cost, while the thickness of 8mm or more must be manufactured by hot rolling equipment. Divided by thickness: (unit mm) thin plate 0.15-2.0 conventional plate 2.0-6.0 medium plate 6.0-25.0 thick plate 25-200 super thick plate 200 or more.

5052 aluminum sheet thickness

The relationship between 5052 aluminum sheet thickness and price

The thickness range of the aluminum plate is directly linked to the price. The most reasonable price is the thickness of the ordinary plate, that is, the thickness between 1.0-8.0mm is the most suitable. Because the thinner sheet is more machined, the price is relatively higher. , And the thickness of 8mm or more must be produced by hot rolling after ingot processing, which will cause certain loss during the ingot casting process. At the same time, the price of hot rolling equipment is relatively high, so the price of ultra-thick aluminum plates belonging to the production range of hot rolling mills is relatively high .

5052 aluminum sheet thickness and flatness

The flatness of aluminum plates with a thickness of less than one millimeter needs to be paid attention to. Nowadays, many small processing units have insufficient equipment and no stretch-bending and straightening equipment. The flatness of products below one millimeter cannot be guaranteed, so if users purchase thin plates, it is better to choose Just like large enterprises such as Mingtai Aluminum, the flatness of thin aluminum sheets can be guaranteed only with professional stretch-bending and straightening equipment.

aluminum sheet production

5052 aluminum sheet thickness and rolling process

There is no inevitable relationship between thickness and rolling process: what I want to say here is that not all thin aluminum sheets are cold-rolled, because hot-rolled aluminum coils can also be further processed by cold-rolling equipment to become hot-rolled thin aluminum sheets. But one thing is certain is that the thickness of more than eight millimeters is hot-rolled aluminum plate, because the cold-rolling equipment can not produce products of this thickness.

5052 aluminum sheet thickness standard

Purchase notice: 5052 aluminum sheet thickness has a standard, but the standard has a large tolerance range. If the user needs 5052 aluminum sheet thickness to comply with the tolerance, it can save a lot of money. Of course, this needs to be based on the order requirements. The order requires production, and the thickness tolerance conforms to national standards. There is a key point for users to pay attention to. It is recommended that you choose a formal enterprise to buy aluminum sheets, and do not be deceived for petty profits.

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