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5052 h32 aluminum plate


Introduction of 5052 h32 aluminum plate

5052 h32 aluminum plate is a kind of anti-rust aluminum. Because of its insignificant aging strengthening effect, it is not suitable for heat treatment strengthening, but it can be worked hardened to increase the strength and hardness. The main standard of anti-rust aluminum alloy is excellent corrosion resistance, 5052 h32 aluminum plate meet the requirements of such standards.

In addition, 5052 aluminum alloy has various good properties, such as forming and processing properties, corrosion resistance, candleability, fatigue strength and so on. Its static strength is at a medium level. It can be used as a raw material for many applications, including but not limited to aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, and transportation vehicles; marine applications include sheet metal parts, instrumentation; other applications include street lamp brackets and rivets, hardware products, etc.

5052 h32 aluminum plate

5052 h32 aluminum plate compared with other alloys

The strength of 5052 h32 aluminum plate is the same as that of 3003, and it has good processability, weldability, and corrosion resistance. It can be processed well after anodic oxidation. The color is similar to the 6063 shape, and it is used for interior and exterior decoration of construction, interior decoration of vehicles, and interior decoration of ships. It is representative of medium-strength alloys. Corrosion resistance, weldability and formability are at a good level, while fatigue strength and seawater resistance are at an excellent level. Ships, vehicles, construction, bottle caps, and honeycomb panels are all common application areas.

Aluminum Sheet 5052-H32

The difference between 5052 h32 aluminum plate and 5052-h112

H32 and H112 are aluminum alloy tempers.

H32: 1/4 hardened state after work hardening after stabilization.

H112: It is suitable for products formed by hot processing, and the mechanical properties in this state have specified requirements.

Which temper is more suitable depends on your end use.

The difference between 5052 h32 aluminum plate and 5052-O

The O state only represents the aluminum alloy sheet with the lowest strength obtained after being fully annealed, while H32 represents the product whose mechanical properties have reached stable after being work-hardened and then subjected to low-temperature heat treatment. In short, the strength and mechanical properties of H32 aluminum alloy are better than those in the O state annealed state!

buy 5052 h32 aluminum plate

5052 h32 aluminum plate high-quality oxidation

5052 is often referred to as "premium anodized aluminum." Because it has excellent surface treatment quality, and the anodized coating is bright and transparent. The main alloying element in 5052 is a sufficient amount of magnesium, which can cause the melting point to be greatly reduced without brittleness. When magnesium is used as the main alloying element or combined with manganese, the result is a medium to high strength non-heat-treatable aluminum alloy. The 5052 is far stronger than the 1100 or 3000 series aluminum, but still has a reasonable bending radius. The weldability is very good. If your next project requires raw materials in terms of oxidation performance, you can choose 5052 h32 aluminum plate.

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