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5052 marine aluminum sheet


5052 marine aluminum sheet

5052 marine aluminum sheet is a professional marine aluminum sheet, which is mainly used in yacht hulls and hull parts in China. 5052 marine alloy aluminum sheet has a higher magnesium content than other alloys, so it has a good anti-rust function. This is also the application of 5052 aluminum sheet. An important reason for the hull. Magnesium has high strength, anti-rust function and corrosion resistance, so that it can well deal with the corrosion of sea water, fresh water, etc.

marine aluminum sheet 5052

5052 marine aluminum sheet alloy element

Magnesium is the main and important alloying element in 5052 alloy aluminum sheet, but there are some other alloying elements. The role of chromium in 5052 aluminum sheet is similar to that of manganese. It improves the resistance to stress corrosion cracking, increases the strength of the base metal and the weld seam, and reduces the probability of welding cracks. However, the chromium content in 5052 generally does not exceed 0.35%.

Standard for marine aluminum sheet

Due to the special environment of the ship, the process and performance standards for marine aluminum sheets are more stringent.

1. Excellent corrosion resistance. Because the hull is immersed in sea water for a long time, high corrosion resistance is necessary, and it can adapt to harsh sea water media and marine environment.

2. It has high specific strength and specific modulus. This is related to the structural strength of the ship. Since the elastic modulus and density of aluminum alloys are roughly the same, the addition of alloying elements has little effect. It can be concluded that increasing the yield strength within a certain range is beneficial to reducing the ship structure.

3. Excellent welding performance. At present, the automatic argon arc welding method is mainly used in ships, which has good weldability, and the cracks formed during welding tend to be small, which means that aluminum alloys must have welding crack resistance.

5052 marine aluminum sheet meets the above conditions and has good cold and hot forming properties. Because of the need for multiple treatments of aluminum materials in shipbuilding, such as cold treatment and heat treatment. Therefore, it is required that the marine aluminum alloy is easy to be processed and formed, does not produce crack defects, and still retains these characteristics after processing.

marine grade aluminum alloy

Advantages of 5052 marine aluminum sheet

In practical applications, the advantages of 5052 marine aluminum sheet are very obvious. The first is that the specific gravity is small, which can reduce the weight of the ship, save energy and increase the load. The second is the typical corrosion resistance, which reduces maintenance costs such as oiling, and has a longer service life. The third is welding performance, processing and forming performance, which is conducive to later processing. Moreover, aluminum is easy to recycle and can be recycled. At the same time, it does not burn and is safe in fire. 

5052 marine aluminum sheet

5052 marine aluminum sheet customer feedback

Customer feedback: The Mingtai 5052 aluminum checker plate purchased this time gives us peace of mind in the later use. At the beginning we were not sure which alloy to use. Mingtai Aluminum's professional pre-sales technicians combined our actual needs to customize the 5052 marine aluminum sheet. In the later use, its performance is stable, the cutting is not deformed, and the quality is high. Mingtai Aluminum's after-sales service is also satisfactory. This cooperation is very happy. If you need to purchase products in the later period, we will continue to choose Mingtai Aluminum.

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