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5052 sheet aluminum


Brief introduction 5052 sheet aluminum

Let's start from the basics. 5052 sheet aluminum is part of the 5000 series aluminum. The grades of this series use magnesium (2.5%) to make alloys and have medium to high strength characteristics. These grades are considered to have good weldability and corrosion resistance. 5052 aluminum also contains 0.25% chromium. If the thickness is greater than 0.190 inches, it is usually in the form of 5052 aluminum sheet; for thickness less than ¼", it is usually in the form of 5052 aluminum sheet.

5052 sheet aluminum

Features of 5052 sheet aluminum

5052 aluminum is the best choice for sheet metal processing, it is very easy to shape at room temperature. This material is very flexible, so it can withstand a small radius. The non-heat-treatable alloy 5052 aluminum is easily welded by conventional methods. It has good molding characteristics and good corrosion resistance, including salt water resistance. 5052 aluminum is also easier to process.

5052 sheet aluminum has a wide range of applications

5052-H32 aluminum sheet is the common temper of 5052 aluminum and is ideal for most processing technologies and internal and external applications. 5052 board is a non-heat treatable product. It is a lightweight material with a semi-smooth surface and a matte finish. It is usually processed into end user specifications for end use.

marine grade aluminum 5052

5052 sheet aluminum for ships

Due to its light weight, high strength and smooth surface, the corrosion-resistant 5052 aluminum sheet is very suitable for a wide range of marine applications, including shipbuilding, fuel tank assembly and tubing manufacturing. Some other applications that benefit from the corrosion resistance of 5052-h32 aluminum plates and plates include: food processing equipment, corridors, cabinets, high-strength sheet metal processing, truck trailers, medical equipment, fencing, marine flooring and more.

5052 sheet aluminum can also be used in airplanes, fuels, automobiles, commercial grade parts and machinery applications.

Compare 5052 sheet aluminum and aluminum 3003

Aluminum 5052 aluminum sheet is stronger than 3003 and provides higher corrosion resistance in highly corrosive environments such as marine applications. However, aluminum 3003 is cheaper than 5052, and aluminum 3003 may be a better choice for applications that require less strength and corrosion resistance. In short, both aluminum alloys provide their own unique advantages based on their applicable uses.

5052 aluminum

What is the difference between 5052 sheet aluminum and 6061 aluminum?

6061 aluminum is one of the most commonly used aluminum plates on the market. The main alloying elements of 6061 aluminum are magnesium (1.0%) and silicon (0.6%). This makes it a heat-treatable alloy and therefore stronger than 5052 aluminum. It also has high resistance to stress and cracking, as well as good formability and weldability.

Due to its high strength, 6061 aluminum is used for structural and engineering applications. However, 5052 aluminum is easier to shape than 6061 aluminum.

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