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5083 aluminum plate


Introduction of 5083 aluminum plate

5083 aluminum plate is an alloy aluminum plate with a relatively sophisticated production process among the 5 series aluminum plates. 5083 aluminum plate can be used as marine aluminum to reduce the quality of the hull while extending the life of the ship; it can also be applied to the tank car body, which can reduce the weight of each tank car by 3-5 tons, thereby reducing the body inertia. While improving transportation efficiency, it can also achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

5083 aluminum plate

Temper of 5083 aluminum plate

Among the many elements of 5-series aluminum alloys, magnesium is the most famous element, which is why 5-series aluminum alloys are called aluminum-magnesium alloys. Its alloy state mainly includes temper O, HXX and HXXX. 5083-H112 alloy and 5083-H111 alloy are widely used in many fields from thin plate to thick plate. Among them, the ultra-wide and ultra-thick 5083 marine aluminum plates produced are more used in transportation fields such as vehicle and ship manufacturing.

5083 H112 aluminum plate

The high-quality 5083-H112 aluminum plate is a representative product of aluminum alloy with medium strength, corrosion resistance and welding performance, and is easy to process and shape. Based on the above characteristics, the products processed by the 5083-H112 aluminum plate are suitable for manufacturing mid-load welded pipes, liquid containers and other parts that require high plasticity and corrosion resistance.

5083 H111 aluminum plate

In addition to shipbuilding, the main application areas of 5083 H111 aluminum sheet include tank car bodies and high-voltage switches. Alloy aluminum plate 5083 itself is a kind of anti-rust aluminum plate, and its anti-rust degree is higher than that of 5052 alloy, which is about 20%. Anti-rust aluminum aluminum plate cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, has low strength and high plasticity.

5083 aluminum plate price

The difference between different temperer 5083 aluminum plates

H temper is a common temper of finished aluminum plates, which means that the aluminum plates have been processed hardened to increase the strength. H temper is just a series, which can be subdivided into multiple specific tempers. Comparing H111 with H11, 5083h111 is suitable for products that undergo a proper amount of work hardening after final annealing, but the work hardening degree is not as good as that of H11 temper. 5083-H112 temper is suitable for free processing temper of hot-rolled plates and hot-processed products. 5083 H116 temper is suitable for products made of 5 series alloys with magnesium content 4.0%. The stability of 5083 H321 temper is good. The difference between them allows them to be used in different fields.

5083 aluminum plate supplier

5083 aluminum plate price

The price of 5083 aluminum plate is the price of the Yangtze River aluminum ingot plus the processing cost of the aluminum plate manufacturer. The processing cost has a certain relationship with the thickness, width, temperer, and manufacturer's input cost of the alloy. If you are not sure about the required product alloy, you can provide the required product use. Mingtai's professional business personnel will recommend suitable products for you. , Click on the online consultation on the right to get a product quotation immediately.

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