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5086 aluminum plate


5086 aluminum plate

5086 aluminum plate is a 5 series alloy, containing magnesium. Because the alloy composition in the middle increases its anti-corrosion function, it is also an anti-rust aluminum plate. Anti-rust aluminum plate refers to a type of aluminum plate that exhibits excellent corrosion resistance in air, water, oil and other media. Anti-rust aluminum plates are often used in the sea and ships. 5086 is one of them. It is used for some applications that require high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength. Fuel tank materials, LCD back panels, and common aluminum alloy door panels are all 5086 high-quality aluminum panels.

5086 aluminum plate

5086 aluminum plate for deck

The deck is a very important structural member for ships, used to seal the space inside the ship and divide it into layers in the horizontal direction. With the deck, the hull can be divided into upper, middle and lower layers. The deck is composed of plates and frameworks, which stabilize the strength and unsinkability of the hull, and provide an area for arranging various cabins and mechanical equipment. The material of the deck can be aluminum alloy 5086.

5086 aluminum plate suppliers

5086 aluminum plate price

Market price of aluminum ingots. Fluctuations in the price of aluminum ingots in the market are an important factor affecting the price of aluminum plates. The price of aluminum ingots increases corresponding to the price of aluminum plates. On the contrary, the price of 5086 aluminum plates decreases. Because the aluminum plate quotation is the market price of aluminum ingots plus ex-factory processing fees.

demand. Customers' demand for aluminum sheets will affect their prices. If the supply exceeds demand, the price of 5083 aluminum sheet will increase. However, if the supply exceeds demand, the manufacturer's products will be seriously unsalable, and the product price will decrease. Not only aluminum alloy products, all products have the same problem.

Material. The material is very important. If the quality of the selected aluminum plate is not good, the later use of the product must not meet people's needs. Therefore, what kind of material has different prices. To be sure, the price of raw materials for the plates changes, and the prices of the products produced will also be affected. Therefore, the material has a great relationship with the final product.

5086 aluminum plate for sale

5086 aluminum plate manufacturers

Henan Mingtai Aluminum has 5086 aluminum plate inventory. The production and delivery are more timely. For more than 20 years, the factory quality standards have been strict, and users can feel more assured when choosing. In addition, professional and technical personnel can reasonably recommend product specifications based on the actual production use of users, and can also tailor more suitable manufacturing solutions. Provide users with a series of complete and thoughtful pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, and after-sales are more secure. Users are welcome to visit and inspect on the spot. For more product details and specific preferential quotations, please click on the right side of the online consultation to quickly obtain!

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