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6061 aluminum sheet metal


6061 aluminum sheet metal

6061 aluminum sheet metal, the main alloying elements are magnesium and silicon, the main features are medium strength, corrosion resistance, and oxidation effect. 6061 aluminum sheet metal is widely used after heat treatment. Where can 6061 aluminum sheet metal be used? Automated mechanical parts, precision machining, and various mold manufacturing are all commonly used occasions. Mingtai Aluminum can customize 6061 aluminum sheet metal, and 4'x8' aluminum sheet is a common size.

6061 aluminum sheet metal

6061 aluminum sheet metal commonly used temper

T6 is the most used 6061 aluminum alloy. The medium-thick 6061T6 aluminum sheet passes through the fire-slicing-stretching machine-aging treatment-saw-polishing-packaging. Usually, the production cycle is about 10 days. After the solution heat treatment of 6061T6 aluminum sheet, cold working is not required, straightening and leveling are possible, and the mechanical properties are not affected.

O is the 6061 aluminum alloy with the lowest strength after being fully annealed. For thin plates of 6061 aluminum alloy below 8.0, O temper is usually used. Its production process: thickness of cold-rolled finished product-stretch bending and straightening cleaning-complete annealing-flying shear (or stretch bending and straightening)-packaging and storage, the production cycle is second only to T6 temper.

6061 aluminum sheet metal thickness

6061 aluminum sheet metal for cars

At present, the lightweight of automobiles is a major trend. The lightweight of automobiles adopts modern design methods and effective means to optimize the design of automobile products or use new materials to achieve weight reduction, energy saving, and emission reduction under the premise of ensuring the overall performance of the automobile. Comprehensive indicators of safety.

Lightweight vehicles have the following advantages: 1. Lightweight. Compared with traditional steel, all aluminum weighs more than 100kg. Improve power, fuel economy, and controllability. 2. Corrosion resistance. The durability is higher than that of steel. 3. More secure. The energy absorption of aluminum is twice that of ordinary steel.

The car chassis occupies a large part of the overall weight of the car. How to effectively reduce the weight of the car body while ensuring safety, the material of the car chassis has high performance requirements for the aluminum sheet. 6061 aluminum sheet is used in automobile chassis and meets its material requirements.

6061-t6 aluminum sheet metal

6061 aluminum sheet metal for cake mold

What kind of material is used for the cake mold to be healthy? Generally speaking, anodized aluminum molds are the best, they are cheap and uncoated, so they are not harmful to the body. Because aluminum has good thermal conductivity and uniform heating, it is good for baking. From the perspective of wide use, aluminum is used more. And it is strong and durable, not as heavy and fragile as porcelain. Although there are also silicone molds on the market, silicone molds are softer and it is not easy to separate the snacks from the molds. Generally speaking, aluminum baking molds are better.

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