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6061 t651 aluminum plate

What is 6061 t651 aluminum plate? 6061 refers to the type of material, T6 refers to the heat treatment process, which is the same material, the same heat treatment process, but T651 adds a pre-stretching process to make the strength better. Elastic modulus: Tension: 68.9GPa (10.0×106psi), compression 69.7GPa (10.1×106psi). Hardness: O temper: 30HB; T6, T651 status: 95HB.

6061 t651 aluminum plate

T651 in 6061 t651 aluminum plate

T: Heat Treatment (Thermal Treated, Heat Treated)

T represents heat treatment, after heat treatment, to produce stable tempering except F, O or H.

T is the most widely used symbol among heat-treatable alloys, and it can be used for any heat-treatable alloy.

Heat-treatable alloys are usually subjected to rapid quenching after solution heat treatment, supplemented by natural or artificial aging.

There is always one or more numbers after T to define different subsequent processing.

Among them, T6 indicates that the aluminum alloy uses tempering heat treatment. The heat treatment is divided into two steps, the first step is to heat the alloy, and the second step is effective treatment.

T651 stands for: T6+ eliminates internal stress, that is, on the basis of 6061T6 aluminum, perform what we usually call "pre-stretching", "artificial aging" and other processes. After pre-stretching the 6061T6 aluminum plate, its internal stress is destroyed (that is, internal stress is eliminated or called artificial aging). The purpose is that the aluminum material will not be deformed during the later processing, so as to improve the product qualification rate and Productivity.

6061 T6 and 6061 T651

6061 t651 aluminum plate VS 6061 t6 aluminum plate

6061T6 is artificial aging after solution treatment. 6061-T651 undergoes solution treatment first, and then undergoes artificial aging after deformation under a certain amount of deformation (1.5 to 3% of the deformation of thin plates and medium-thick plates).

6061 aluminum plate, the difference between its state T6 and T651 lies in the following aspects:

Under normal circumstances, the internal stress T6 is greater than T651, so processing will be easily deformed. If you want to choose a temperament suitable for processing, it should be 6061 t651 aluminum plate. The production of 6061 t651 aluminum plate has eliminated internal stress.

Under normal circumstances, if there is no precise requirement for dimensional stability and flexibility margin, the T6 state is used; if it is used for precision workpieces, it is best to use T651. Avoid elastic recovery after processing so that the size cannot be stabilized.

6061 Aluminum T651 Plate

6061 t651 aluminum plate elemental composition

The main alloying elements: magnesium and silicon form Mg2Si.

Add manganese and chromium: these two elements can neutralize the side effects of iron;

Add a small amount of copper or zinc: increase the strength without significantly reducing the corrosion resistance;

A small amount of copper: both titanium and iron may have an adverse effect on conductivity, and copper can eliminate these effects;

Zirconium or titanium: refine grain and control recrystallization structure;

Lead and bismuth: improved machinability.


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