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8021 Aluminum Foil for Sale-Pharmaceutical Foil Cold Forming Film


High Performance 8021 Aluminum Foil for Sale

High performance 8021 aluminum foil has a wide range of functions. Here, 8021 aluminum foil for sale is the alloy foil of 8 series aluminum foil with better moistureproof, light blocking, barrier, mechanical, blast resistance, puncture resistance and spallation resistance.Therefore, 8021 aluminium alloys are widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, such as blister, tropical-type medicine packaging, as well as food packaging, such as milk cover, and soft-pack batteries, etc., which are highly favored by the market ! Here, Mingtai 8021 aluminum foil for sale goes through strict pinhole detection, oil removal process and plate control in the production process, so as to achieve super high perfect sealing in the adhesive compound process of pharmaceutical packaging in the later stage. What's more, Mingtai aluminium alloy foils, representative of 8021 aluminum foil, have obtained kosher certification, and I S O 9 0 0 1, I S O 1 4 0 0 0 certificate! Their surface quality is cleaner, smoother, no burrs, no frills, no color difference, etc., the quality is extremely guaranteed !

Multi-function of 8021 Aluminum Foil for Sale

8021 Medicine Aluminium Foil

In practice, 8021 aluminum foil for sale is widely used in blister packaging medicine. For example, star product 8021-O aluminum foil, as cold forming medicine aluminum foil, at this time, obtained by O Temper with the lowest strength after complete annealing, has high ductility and toughness, etc. So, 8021-O aluminum foil is well used for high-end, stronger watertight, moisture-proof and light-proof packaging that requires high performance. In addition, as for the most advanced tropical-type medicine packaging material, 8021-O aluminum foil and 8079-O aluminum foil are both popular materials ! 

8021 Aluminium Foil for Soft Pack Battery

Soft-pack batteries often use 0.04mm thick 8021 aluminum foil for sale, which is bonded with plastic film using special glue, and then consisted with plain aluminum foil (0.012-0.016mm thick 1235 aluminum foil/1060 aluminum foil/1070 pure aluminum foil) coated lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganate together to form a ternary material, which is used as the inner core of the soft pack battery, thus replacing the traditional lithium battery steel shell package, greatly improving the safety of battery use!

Mingtai 8021 Aluminum Foil for Sale Technical Parameters

Type of Products

Pharmaceutical Foil


8021, 8079


0, HO



Technical  Requirements 


Strength 90-110Mpa, elogation 8%-26%, cupping test value 6.0-7.7mm. Erichsen Test 

Foil Surface

No oil contamination, pinholes, convexconcave points, scratches, oxidation, foreign bodies, wrinkles, etc.


smooth, side waves less than 3 pcs / m, wave height less than 1mm


Thickness±4%, width±1mm

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