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Aluminum Checker Plate Price-Diamond-Three-Five Bar Tread


There is complete aluminum checker plate price, such as the price of embossed aluminum diamond plate, two/three or five bar aluminum tread plate,aluminum tread plate 4*8, and aluminum chequered prices of various grades, specifications and patterns !

Aluminum Checker Plate Price-Diamond/Three/Five Bar Tread Metal Sheet

In the same alloy series, the aluminum checker plate price is about 42-112 dollars higher than the plain aluminum sheet price. As the name implies, aluminum checker plate is plain aluminum sheet that has undergone an embossed surface treatment process, so as to its surface shows a variety of patterns, such as diamond, two bar, three bar, big five-bar, small five-bar, etc., and thus also called embossed aluminum diamond plate, aluminum tread plate, aluminum chequered plate, but it is essentially aluminum tread metal sheet. In our lives, with the extremely high cost-effective aluminum checker plate price, as well as strong decorative and practical, aluminum chequered plate has become an ideal material in the fields of construction, vehicles, ships and other anti-skid floors, decoration fields. Itis very popular in the market !

How much is a 4x8 sheet of aluminum diamond plate?

How much is a 4x8 sheet of aluminum diamond plate? As we see, this question involves the specific specifications 4’ x8’ of the aluminum checker plate, and the surface pattern diamond. So, what is the specific aluminum checker plate price? Now, Let's find out!

Let's make this comparison: aluminum tread plate 4*8 is the most commonly used conventional plate, that is, the width is 4 feet and the thickness is 8 feet. For the aluminum checker plate price of this specification, is of course more cost-effective than 6*8 tread metal sheet. Secondly, the surface pattern of diamond means that the price of 5052 aluminum checker plate owith the same alloy series, 4'*8' embossed aluminum diamond plate is higher than the price of 4'*8' embossed five bar aluminum tread plate. Similarly, it is obvious that for different alloy series, that is, different grades and temper, even with the same pattern and specifications, the aluminum checker plate price is also different. Therefore, the specific prices need to be inquired directly from aluminum checker plate suppliers. Here, Mingtai Al. as a large supplier and manufacturer, provides free online quotation service and factory direct sale price for global consumers !

Competitive Aluminum Checker Plate Price of Mingtai Aluminum

It is worth mentioning that, Mingtai aluminum checker plate cost can save more than 20% compared with competitors! Mingtai aluminum checker plate price is extremely competitive in the international market ! In fact, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd is the top ten China aluminum sheet manufacturer with more than 22 years of diamond / three / five bar tread metal sheet production experience ! In order to pursue higher quality, Mingtai Al. has already possessed 6 billion of strong assets and realized large-scale, mechanized production, thus greatly reducing the production and processing costs of aluminum checkered plate ! So, Don't hesitate, just click on the online customer service on the right, to get competitive Mingtai aluminum tread plate prices ! Come on !

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