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Aluminum alloy plate


Aluminum alloy plate grades

Aluminum alloy plate grades are usually divided into 2 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series and 7 series according to different alloying elements. It can be mill finish aluminum plate or aluminium checker plate. Among them, alloy aluminum plates of 3 series, 5 series and 6 series are more widely used in the industry. The 3 series alloy aluminum plates are mainly made of anti-rust aluminum, represented by 3003 aluminum plates, 3004 aluminum plates, and 3A21 aluminum plates; 5 series alloy aluminum plates have low density, high tensile strength and high elongation, represented by 5052 aluminum plates and 5005 aluminum plates; 6 The series alloy aluminum plate can take 6061 as an example. The 6061 aluminum plate is a cold-treated aluminum forged product, which is suitable for applications with high requirements for corrosion resistance and oxidation. The application of aluminum alloy plate is more extensive, because the processing technology is more complicated, it has some special properties, and it is more applicable in some special environments. For example, the high-tech aerospace field, the manufacture of alloy molds, and the production of accessories for marine vessels. Alloy aluminum plate has a broad market space.

Aluminum alloy plate

Aluminum alloy plate properties

The modulus of elasticity of aluminum alloy plate is small, only equivalent to 1/3 of steel, that is, under the same cross-section, with the same load, the elastic deformation of aluminum alloy is 3 times that of steel, and its bearing capacity is not strong, but its seismic performance is good. .

The hardness range of aluminum alloy plate (including annealing and age hardening temper) is 20~120HB.

Harder aluminum alloys are softer than steel. The tensile strength limit of aluminum alloy is 90Mpa (pure aluminum) to 600Mpa (super duralumin), which is far behind steel.

The melting point of aluminum alloy is relatively low (usually around 600°C and steel around 1450°C). Aluminum alloy has excellent plasticity at room temperature and high temperature, and can be made into structural parts with extremely complex cross-sectional shapes, thin walls, and high dimensional accuracy by extrusion.

In addition to suitable mechanical properties, aluminum alloy also has excellent corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and optical properties.

Aluminum alloy plate grades

3003 aluminum alloy plate

3003 aluminum alloy plate is a non-heat-treatable alloy whose main element is manganese. In addition to the state of 3003 aluminum alloy plate, 3003 aluminum alloy can also be produced into coils. It is a very common and cheap alloy, basically commercial pure aluminum, with manganese added to increase its strength. It has all the excellent properties of 1100 alloy, and on this basis has added excellent corrosion resistance and the ability to be easily welded or brazed. The fly in the ointment is that the strength is relatively low, but there are also solutions. It can be hardened by cold work to achieve a series of "H" tempers.

Aluminum alloy plate price per kg

Aluminum alloy plate price per kg

To know the aluminum alloy plate price per kg, you only need to figure out the specifications and uses of the product. The specification of a product and its price are closely related. When other parameters are the same, any change in the specification will have an impact on the price (thickness, width, length or tempering)

use. Some customers are not sure about the alloy they want to buy, but they know the purpose. Appropriate alloys can also be recommended through detailed applications.

You may wish to consult us directly, this is the fastest way to get the aluminum alloy plate price per kg.

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